December 2010

To enjoy what’s ahead of us, sometimes we have to look back! Thankfully, we have some wonderful backgrounds on sale today for you to do just that.

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

Dungeon Backgruond Backgrounds
Carnival Background Backgrounds
Fall Beauty Background Backgrounds
Fairytale Castle Background Backgrounds
Aquarium Background Backgrounds
Under the Sea Background Backgrounds
Infinity Pool Background Backgrounds
Pirate Ship Background Backgrounds
Lifes a Beach Background Backgrounds
Hawaiian Sun Background Backgrounds

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!


LuLu Can you believe that 2010 has already come and gone?  I can’t! So many amazing things have happened this year and it was gone in the blink of an eye!

This being said, I am sure that 2011 will hold many surprises for us all.  We here at iWin feel so lucky to have you guys coming to our site year after year and hope that you stay with us for many years to come.

To get the year off to the right start, we have your FREE January calendar, filled with important holidays to remember as well as the dates when big games are launching!

To get it, go to the link below and then print it. Start collecting every month of 2011l! Enjoy!


To our Family Feuders on Facebook! Before Christmas, many of you were emailed a 50% off coupon code which was redeemable until December 26th for Family Feud on Facebook episodes purchased via credit cards only. We have some amazing news just in time for the new year! This promo code, IWIN50, is active again and is good through New Year’s Day, January 1st! (Please keep in mind when redeeming that the code is case-sensitive).

Here’s how to redeem:

1. Click the “Get More” or “Get Episodes” button:

2. Click the “Buy Episodes” tab and select the #2 option, “Buy with Credit Card”.

3. After the “Buy Episodes with Credit Card” window pops up, click the “Enter the Gift Certificate or Coupon Code” button.

4. Enter your coupon code in the box provided and click “Apply”. Then, enter your form of payment and click continue to receive your discount.

So be sure to cash in on this offer and stock up on your Family Feud on Facebook episodes today! Remember that this offer only lasts until New Year’s Day!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and jolly you will be if you’re an online iWin casual gamer! We’re taking 50% off 12 of our iWin classic holiday games for all of our Club Members! Play festive holiday games such as Fishdom: Seasons Under The Sea where you can build your own holiday-themed fishie tank, and Family Feud Holiday Edition that includes both the Classic and Holiday Versions!

Here are just a few of the amazing holiday-themed games you can get at 50% off as an iWin Club Member! Join today and treat yourself to some seasonal game treats!

It’s realy quiet here – hopefully because everyone is enjoying their holiday time with friends and family! That is what you’re doing, right? You’re reading this, but then quickly running off to spend the holidays with your friends and family? Good!

The elves we employ – not the short, Santa’s workshop type, but the tall, slender and magical kind – are off this week! Union says we have to give them a break now and then. But we didn’t forget about you, our Hotel users! It’s cold outside, and we want you to warm up – coffee seems like a good choice!

Hope you all have a happy, safe holiday weekend – and don’t have to wait in line to return any gifts the day after Christmas. See you next week!

Coffee Maker Kitchen & Bath
Coffee Pot Kitchen & Bath
Cup of Coffee Food

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Coffee Chair Chairs
Coffee Sofa Sofas
Coffee Rug Floor Objects

Depending on where you are, the weather is somewhere between horrible and acceptable – hopefully closer to acceptable for you! While some may dream of a white Christmas, I don’t have a snow shovel, and my car can’t fly like this sled can!

It’s almost time to wrap up the Christmas season (that was a pun, sorry) so if you’re still decorating for Christmas, you better get on it!

Red Tinsel Decor
Gold Tinsel Decor
Silver Tinsel Decor
Table Wreath Decor
Hanging Wreath Decor
Small Flocked Tree Decor

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Snow Pile Decor
Melted Ice Puddle Decor
Futuristic Sled Decor
Wrapping Paper Pile Decor
Naughty/Nice Meter Decor

Have the cold, dreary days of winter got you down? Wouldn’t it be great to escape to a lush, tropical paradise? Instead of buying pricey tickets for a trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii,  simply “Like”/Become a Fan of iWin on Facebook before December 25th and get the next best thing to a tropical vacation– a link to download Coconut Queen absolutely free (and with no ads)! On December 25th, just check your Facebook Updates section, located under your Facebook Message inbox, for your link to download the game! Only our iWin Facebook fans will receive this link that’s good through January 3rd!

A must for any fan of Party Resort (which will, sadly, be sailing off into the sunset as of January 3rd, 2011) and featuring Liz, your Party Resort tour guide, in a starring role, Coconut Queen allows you to bask on the sunny shores of the island of Lui Lui and build your very own private resort!

As in Party Resort, you’ll need to turn the island into a full-fledged tourist destination by building cabanas, cottages and hotels, outfitting them with hot tubs, concession stands and buffets, all while avoiding the butterflies and without disrupting the natural beauty of the environment! Be sure to play the tutorial before the game begins for instructions on how to play!

So remember to “Like”/Become a Fan of iWin on Facebook before December 25th and to check your Facebook Updates on Christmas Day to get your link to download Coconut Queen absolutely free!

We have been waiting for the next Slingo Mystery to come out for what seems to be forever! I am thrilled to announce that it is almost here!

Introducing “Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape”

About the game: The FBI thinks you were in on it! The insurance company wants their money back! The lawyers want you in jail!

The adventure continues! Slingo Mystery 2 packs all the excitement you’ve come to expect, with even more twists and turns, hidden object fun, and Slingo machines to discover! Help Maggie Gold as she seeks to find out why Freddy’s money hasn’t solved her problems…but only created more. Slingo Mystery 2, once you get pulled in, will you be able to break free?

Get notified when the game launches by clicking the button below!

It’s almost time! Can you smell it? The Christmas cheer? No?! Well then you need to decorate!

Fun fact: Christmas trees aren’t always trees at all. Today, we have one made out of presents!

If you’re not excited about Christmas, you might want to set up your defense system to avoid any unwanted guests – we have you covered, there.

Green Stocking Decor
Red Stocking Decor
Gold Star Decor
Giant Candy Cane Decor

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Sled Decor
Toy Kit Decor
Present Tree Decor
Workshop Door Wall Objects
Santa Trap Wall Objects
Ice Throne Chairs

LuLu For those of you who aren’t members of Club iWin or All Access yet, you may want to join before the 15th of December. Why? Well as you may or may not know, every month, members of each program get a free bonus game. This month’s game, Passport to Paradise, a tropical getaway right in the middle of winter!

Having just returned from Hawaii, and coming home to dull, gray skies and heavy rain clouds, I am starting to think that I need my own Passport to Paradise. Imagine going on a lush tropical vacation, getting there and realizing that this paradise that you have been dreaming of for so long is in dire need of a make-over. Who better to do this than yourself, a successful real estate executive from New York city? And as an added bonus, you get to stay in your sandy bliss just a little bit longer. Sounds like heaven to me!

So, if you are a member- today is your lucky day! Go and download your absolutely, 100% free (and ad-free) version of Passport to Paradise! If you are NOT a member- go to www.iwin.com/membership now and sign up!

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