November 2010

When I tell people what industry I work in (casual games), I am generally greeted with a blank stare. I sigh and then say “You know, like Bejeweled.” Light bulb flash, recognition spreads across their face. “Oh I love that game!”

So it is with great pleasure that I announce the upcoming, long-awaited next installment of the classic franchise, Bejeweled. Have I got your attention? Excited yet?

Introducing “Bejeweled 3″

Enjoy the amazing sights and sounds, engage in endless gem-matching fun, and earn flashy achievement badges as you soar to dazzling new heights!

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We have some exciting news for all of our iTunes app store dwellers! Several of our classic online games are already (or will be) released on iPod and iPad!

Jojo’s Fashion Shows

“Jojo’s Fashion Show Paris Tour” for iPod is now available in the iTunes store–and it’s FREE! In this version, we offer you a glimpse of Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour, also now available on iTunes!

“Jojo’s Fashion Show” online games and their sequels have been widely popular, and highly rated (five stars!)! Reviewers’ raves about “Jojo’s Fashion Show” online:

“This is a totally different take on the fashion games out there. You dress up models and send them out to score points and move on to bigger and better shows!”

“Styles range from 70’s Glam to Futuristic to Bridal Fashions.You haven’t had fun until you’ve put together a cowgirl wedding outfit!”

Mah Jong Quests

Mah Jong Quest Lite is also available in the iTunes app store for FREE, as well as the full version, Mah Jong Quest! In Mah Jong Quest,  you will find the true meaning of happiness as you solve an ever-challenging series of Mah Jong puzzles driven by an interactive story line about the life and quests of Kwazi.  Mah Jong Quest is the most immersive Mah Jong game you have ever played.

Coming Soon for the holiday season!

*Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour on iPad

*Jewel Quest on iPad!! Jewel Quest on iPhone now in the iTunes app store!

Well, it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful Thursday anyway!

Now, do you have your Opals ready? The sale has launched! Over 50 items are 50% off, across many categories! Need a new TV? We got you covered! Did your last Robot Cat run out of batteries? Don’t just replace the batteries, get a new one! Enjoy pinball? Have it in all of your rooms! Maybe you want to add a touch of luxury to your rooms, we have that too!

Now go, spend, decorate, then rest – because you’ll probably be worn out by the time it’s over!

The holidays are here! You’ll probably be gathering with your family and friends this weekend with a table full of delicious dishes..but wait! Something is missing! You’re usually playing The Family Feud on Facebook during the weekend! Well, to make your Thanksgiving all the more exciting, we’re serving up Feud episodes at 50% off! To take advantage of this special offer, click the green “Get More” button within the game (or click the image below to take you into the game where you can click the green “Get More” button), click “Buy Episodes” or “Buy Episodes With Facebook Credits”,  and you’re in!

Don’t forget that Stage 10 is also live and full of festive win onlys that you’ll need help from your friends to collect! Play a little football, bake a nice apple pie, visit your Granny, and start inviting those closest to you to play The Feud this weekend!

With Christmas just around the corner – yeah, I know – Thanksgiving is, too – now might be just the time to rifle through the old decoration closet and see what’s available for reuse this year. Be careful in there, though, some of these decorations are rather fragile! For example, it seems like the old tree didn’t make it. Also, who thought it would be a good idea to store a snowman? Thankfully, the fruitcake held up just fine! That’s a little odd though, and I’d really caution against eating anything that lasts that long…

As I’m sure you all know, next Friday is Black Friday – the day when everyone lines up for 18 hours to save $100 on a TV. Well, here at the Hotel iWin we believe in big sales with no lines, so expect one next week – and you won’t even have to wait out in the cold!

Small Christmas Tree Decor
Fake Christmas Tree Decor
Christmas Tree Farm Backgrounds

This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Pile of Coal Decor
Pile of Presents Decor
Last Year’s Tree Decor
Melted Snowman Decor
Fruitcake Food
Snowflake Stool Chairs

Family Feud on Facebook has a new and exciting way to play–Tournament Play!

In Tournament Play, you match wits against two similarly-experienced Feud players to see who comes out on top!

Here’s how it works:

1. When you start playing Family Feud on Facebook, you’ll notice that you now have two choices-Classic and Tournament.

2. If you choose to play in a tournament (please be aware that playing Tournament Play will still cost an episode), you will be playing against two other similarly-experienced Feud players who are automatically selected by the game.

3. Gameplay will be similar to that of a Fast Money round; just type in your answers and when you’re finished, your answers will be compared against those of your opponents.

4. Whoever scores the most points wins a gold 1st place award, plus 6000 bonus Feud Points! If you come in 2nd, you receive a silver 2nd place award, plus 2000 Feud Points! If you’re having a rough day and come in 3rd, not to worry! You will still receive the bronze 3rd place award, plus 200 bonus Feud Points!

Please keep in mind that playing Tournament Play will cost you an episode. Also, since you will be playing against Family Feud on Facebook users who you may not know, you may find that their answers may be unpredictable. Parental discretion is advisable for Tournament Play.

Compete to remain the best Family Feud player around and rack up on various medals! Don’t forget to post your results on your wall to earn some bragging rights!

It’s finally here! You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! For all of you who have saved your Facebook credits until you can spend them on Family Feud episodes, the wait is over! For a limited time, you can use your Facebook Credits on the Feud episode purchase module.

Click the green “Get More” button, then the “Buy With Facebook Credits” tab, and choose a price package (the added cent difference in pricing is required by Facebook as fractions of dollars are not supported). You’ll then see a pop up that will ask you to confirm your purchase, and will also let you know how many credits you currently have, and how many you will be spending on the episodes.

So get ready to cash in your Facebook Credits and start playing more Feud! Facebook Credit gift cards are now available at some retailers, or you can go to http://www.facebook.com/credits/ and purchase them! Great gift for the holidays!

Who out there has been madly in love with Luxor ever since it initially launched oh so long ago?

I have been. Madly. Deeply. For this reason, it brings me great joy to announce that this favored sphere-popping franchise is about to come out with its 5th and long- awaited installment.

Introducing “Luxor: 5th Passage”

Save ancient Egypt by popping off those playful yet troublesome sphere chains, one at a time. Do you have a quick hand and quicker eye? If so, you may master this addictive game yet!

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Well, as if out of nowhere, November is here – and Thanksgiving is coming! I know, every year, I’m surprised. It’s like it’s on some kind of set schedule or something! Well, this year the Hotel is helping you help yourself, with some tools to acquire your very own turkey (or, you can have last years’, if you don’t mind leftovers!)

If you don’t like turkey, that’s alright too, we have festive little cupcakes too! If you don’t like cupcakes, then… well, what do you like?!

Holiday Plate Kitchen & Bath
Turkey Food
Long Covered Table Tables

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Pumpkin Bowl Decor
Thanksgiving Cupcake Decor
White Pumpkin Decor
Paper Turkey Decor
Turkey Season Poster Wall Objects
Hunting Bow Wall Objects
Candy Corn Wreath Wall Objects
Hunting Chair Chairs
Hunting Chair – Back Chairs

It’s getting near the time when we give thanks for what we have and gather around the dinner table with friends and family. What a better way to satisfy your game cravings after dinner than to create Fishdom Thanksgiving-themed tanks! With “Fishdom: Seasons Under The Sea”, you’ll challenge yourself to solve immersive puzzles, build up your aquariums with festive fall decor, and get yourself into the holiday mood! Have fun taking care of quirky tropical fishies and adding amazing themed accessories to your virtual underwater kingdoms! You can also take photos, and send your seasonal seascape to your other Fishdom fanatics!

I’m a beginner, but so far, I’ve created this salty scene, full of fall decorations and holiday fun, and also took a snapshot!

Your virtual underwater kingdom is well-deserved, as you make a splash while playing through all of the challenging match-3 boards. You can match items such as pilgrim hats, horns of plenty, as well as non-Thanksgiving sea items such as seashells and anchors! This game is full of surprises and will gobble up your extra fun time like a fishie does his fish food! Feast on this super fun fishie frenzy this Thanksgiving!

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