Club iWin members- 10% Instant Reward!

LuLuHave you heard the exciting news?

We just introduced a loyalty program for Club iWin members which gives users a 10% instant reward for every purchase!

What does this mean for existing members?

It is simple. Every time you make a purchase, using your Club iWin account, you get an instant, automatic reward which amounts to 10% of your purchase. Let’s say you decide to purchase Jewel Quest for 1,000 iCoins ($6.99). After completing the purchase, your account will automatically be credited 100 iCoins, or 10% of the purchase price. How cool is that? You can use those Bonus iCoins immediately towards your next purchase.

The reward is instantaneous- the moment you buy, you receive the reward.

Now, for those of you who aren’t yet members… Join Club iWin today!

Joining Club iWin is easy-peasey. Just visit our membership page at and click on the Club iWin Join button (see image below). There are so many reasons why Club iWin is the best game club to be a part of, namely: games as low as $3.49, one free bonus game every single month, a catalog of over 1,200 games for only $6.99 each.  Oh and there is no commitment, so you can try it out for a month, see if you like it (and you will!) but if you don’t, then you can cancel your membership.  Like I said, easy-peasey.

So for those of you who are already Club iWin members, start spending those iCoins at! And for those of you who have been eyeing Club iWin, now is the time to join!  Visit today and become a member of the hottest game club in the industry!

Let the gaming begin!


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