August 2010


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Everyone I know LOVES Jewel Quest. And quite frankly, so do I.  It should then come as no surprise that September’s calendar is using the beautiful art from the upcoming game, Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star! When does it launch officially? Well, not to ruin a secret but I will tell you that it will launch sometime in the month of October 2010.  Now that you are all excited with that news, go on and download your free September calendar from iWin!

To get it, go to the link below and then print it. Start collecting them all! Enjoy!

September Calendar



Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. Some of us write, some of us draw, some just shout in the streets. Creativity is abound, in many forms. Today, we’re celebrating that creativity a bit!

Now go and create! And for those of you who don’t feel like creating, just sit back and relax, while others create!

Easel Hobby
Art Desk Tables
Sewing Machine Hobby
Dress Making Dummy Hobby

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Camera Hobby
Tripod Hobby
Writing Desk Tables
Rocking Horse Other Furniture
Music Stand Hobby
Party Drink Mixer Appliances
Fancy Stool Chairs

Hello and welcome back to the Hotel iWin Room Contests.

Sometimes the entries we see in one contest will be the springboard for the next. While the judges zoomed around the Hotel iWin on their Sidekicks (making Carl the Concierge FURIOUS at the damage to the carpet) evaluating your rooms, they kept mumbling about the quality of the photos that were posted in many of the entries (they were impressed). They suggested that the next contest be dedicated to your photos, and as every picture tells a story, let’s hear yours.

For this contest your room entry should have a single framed photo (personally taken). Submit your room entry with a brief original text (200 words should suffice) telling us about the photo in question. Appearances matter, so your room should be decorated to curate your work appropriately.
Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the contest (09/08/10 at 11:59 p.m. PST). As always, the winners will walk away with a substantial pot of Opals (and bragging rights).

1st Prize: 5,000 Opals

2nd Prize: 2,500 Opals

3rd Prize: 1,250 Opals

To enter, simply go to The Contest Forum and Post Reply

Please click HERE for all rules and restrictions.

Join us in the return of the fairy tale romance between Princess Helen and her knight, King Arthur, in this long-awaited sequel that is destined to be a huge hit! My favorite online game couple were brought together by fate (and a dangerous tornado) and have just had the wedding of a lifetime. In “My Kingdom For the Princess 2″, this dashing couple again become victims of more adversity before they can even set sail on their honeymoon! The horrible Longbeard The Dwarf captures the princess, and it’s up to Arthur to save her! C’mon, this guy is no match for Arthur!

But, Sir Arthur has a huge undertaking on his hands, and he must work with magical creatures, clear the land, and defend himself against evildoers on his road to rescue his lady. As Sir Arthur’s trusted assistant, you must help him strategically plan which course of action to take using your time management skills! In addition, you now have your own kingdom to build!  Experience 60 challenging levels, play major mini-games, and earn fabulous trophies. There is no mountain too high for Princess Helen’s gallant knight. King Arthur is a prime example that chivalry is not dead-at least not in the online gaming world!

Time is of the essence! Get your battle armor on and find that princess in this five-star game!

LuLu I have to admit that up until a couple of years ago, I had never (ahem) played the game Risk. What?! you ask. How could this be? Well, I will place the blame squarely on my father’s shoulders, or my older sister’s.  Regardless, I was more of a Barbie lover than a board game lover. So when my now-husband broke out the game of Risk, I was a little nervous. “Isn’t that a war game? Isn’t it for boys?” He assured me that all of my pre-conceived notions about the classic game were just that- notions.

I boldly stepped up to the board, paid attention as he rattled off the rules to me and made my first move. I was a natural! Spain- you are mine. Australia- you too! Nope, sorry honey, I will not let you have China nor Germany. I will rule the world! I was destined to rule the world!

Finally, I had found a way to be the all-powerful, (benevolent) ruler that I always knew was in me. Risk, I am yours and you are mine. A match made in board game heaven.

Then I found the PC version of Risk. And although I had my doubts about it being able to capture me like the board version, I quickly found that it was even more enthralling that I could have hoped for!

So let me give you all the good news: For the month of August, all Club members (that is anyone who is a member of All Access or Club iWin) will be receiving the classic game Risk for FREE!

Just for being a club member. I know- almost as thrilling as taking over the world.

So don’t wait- join now and start your quest for world domination.

It’s getting a little… dark in here. And I think I like it! Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Other times, you get spider webs. Which is more fun to decorate with? Well, lemons don’t last as long, that’s for sure. So it’s time to use a little dark inspiration and add some gothic style to your rooms.

Gothic Dining Chair Chairs
Gothic Dining Armchair Chairs
Dark Wood Drawers Other Furniture

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Gothic Spider Glass Decor
Gothic Rug Floor Objects
Gothic Satin Bed Beds
Gothic Sofa Sofas
Gothic Chair Chairs
Gothic Chair – Back Chairs
Gothic End Table Tables
Gothic Coffee Table Tables
Gothic Armoire Other Furniture

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar is finally here! There are 95 new levels and an adorable new central character, Scarlett, whose goal is to manage 5 farms around the world: one in Africa, South America, and 3 other exotic locations!  Scarlett’s job is taking care of wacky and wild animals, including penguins, dressing up bears in funny outfits, and breeding birds.

I am having the best time with the polar bears, penguins and walruses! This is the most animal fun you could possibly have without heading to the zoo. I’m learning some pretty cool strategies and tips that I’d like to share if you’re interested. Want me to fill you in? Sure you do..

  • Splendor In The Grass-As you’re watering the grass, try to water near the bottom of the screen first so that your animals will feed further away from the enemy animals.
  • Blue Bar Blitz-Keep an eye on the blue bar below your animals. If they start flashing, your animals are super hungry and need to be fed or they will not survive!
  • Gold Goal Grab-If you meet your gold goal, you will see many more stars than if you hit your silver goal. If you can’t hit the gold goal right away, try replaying other levels until you get there. It can be done! You can use these extra stars to buy things that you and your farm need.
  • Less Money, Mo’ Problems-On levels where you are lacking in the money department, find and capture as many predatory animals as you can and sell them for some fast cash. Keep in mind that your truck can get full quickly.
  • Cool Cats- Try to buy as many cats as you can. They help you collect items and they sock the items straight into your warehouse.

Try this game out! There are so many amazing strategies that you can learn to keep your farm full of frenzied fun!

LuLu The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World is almost here!

This is definitely my kind of game! Check out this part of the description: “The Clockwork Man (is) an epic hidden object game set in a whimsical world of fun!” Doesn’t that just entice you a little bit? And then, if you throw in the gorgeous artwork, the enticing story and the fact that it is an Adventure/Hidden object game and I think we will have a winner on our hands, folks! I can’t wait for this game to come out!

Want to be the first to know when this game launches? Click on the notify me button below!

Just a quick reminder to the procrastinators, the fence sitters, and those who didn’t know about it:  Our current Hotel iWin Room Decorating Contest:  “When I Grow Up…” will be ending in just a few days.   The idea for this contest is to create through room items (and photos, we love your use of photos) the future you imagined for yourself as a child.  Maybe things went exactly to plan, maybe they didn’t – we still want to know your story through your creative use of your room and accompanying text in the The Hotel iWin Room Contest Forum.  Just create your room, go to the link, and click reply to be a contender.

Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the contest (August 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST).  As always, the winners will walk away with a substantial pot of Opals (and bragging rights).

1st Prize: 5,000 Opals

2nd Prize: 2,500 Opals

3rd Prize: 1,250 Opals

Please click HERE for all rules and restrictions.

People ask me every day what it’s like to work at an online gaming company like iWin. The most common question is, “Do you just play games all day???”. The answer I give them is, “No, we actually do work, but it’s still loads of fun!” This answer doesn’t usually fulfill the curiosity, so I’ll tell you more.

As many of our fans live outside of the Silicon Valley or LA area where most games are produced, the behind-the-scenes everyday perception of what our days consist of remains somewhat of a mystery to those who haven’t been able to visit a gaming company personally. Although we do have those who do play games all day (QA testers), many of us have a work day experience very similar to most–a day checking emails, answering phone calls, and project planning. The difference between gaming companies and some regular 9-5 jobs, is that we love what we do. Not only that, we love where we do what we love–our location is beautiful!!!

We also throw some pretty eventful bashes, which we’d love to share with you as they happen. Become a fan of our iWin Facebook page, and you’ll get updates from our bashes complete with party pics! Watch the fun unfold and be a part of it! We look forward to sharing our days with you.

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