Hotel iWin Contest: 07/15 – 07/21 “Condemned Home”

For the couple of weeks we’re going to be focusing our Hotel iWin contest themes towards one of our favorite games (and game shows): “Family Feud.” If you’ve already tried “Family Feud”on Facebook, you already know how addicting it is.

If you “Like” iWin on Facebook you can receive a free download of the “Family Feud Dream Home” casual game. Just click “Like,” and you will receive periodic updates from us culminating at the end of the month with the link to the download of the game.

Have you ever found yourself in a home that even the cockroaches took leave of? Maybe it was that starter home or the “fixer upper” you were talked into? I’m talking about the matted orange shag carpeted, leaky roofed rat trap where the neighbors have built high fences around you to protect their property values. After last week’s foray into Utopia, it’s now about the Dystopia.

Show us a truly ugly dwelling, a place Dante would be fearful to describe.

For this contest, we want to see rooms depicting this nightmare home with a brief original text (200 words should suffice)

To be a contender you must:

Submit your room between the posting of the contest announcement on 07/15/2010 and 07/21/2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST. User submissions outside of this time frame will not be eligible.

Please limit your submissions to one room per user. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. Consider your submission carefully before submission, as each contestant gets one entry (no revisions allowed after initial posting).
To enter, simply go to The Contest Forum and Post Reply

The judges are rumored to be Shelley Long and Tom Hanks from “The Money Pit.”

They will review and rank the best submission on how the original text portion complements the accompanying room design –
not Opals spent in its implementation.

The winners will receive the following Opal awards:

# 1st Prize: 5,000 Opals

# 2nd Prize: 2,500 Opals

# 3rd Prize: 1250 Opals

# All non winning eligible entries will receive 500 Opals just for participating

Please click HERE for all rules and restrictions.


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