Caught In A Good Romance

When I think of good guilty-pleasure beach books, I instantly think of romance novels from the 80s. I once knew a woman whose entire house was full of them. We’re talking wall-to-wall shelves of her favorite hunky book cover boys. Although her dreams of marrying Fabio never panned out, she held onto her dream of meeting Mr. Right–her prince would one day arrive to take her away and she would no longer have to rely on her favorite page-turners to fulfill her grandiose dreams of love and matrimony.

As times and tastes have changed, so have the romantic genre for novels. The desire for a hero full of style and substance has taken precedence over the beautiful book model. The love for reading has translated into other mediums, such as online games! Based on this new form of expressing tales of love and desire, we bring you  the Harlequin Presents: Hidden Object of Desire game. Check out this steamy plot!

The Prince of Aristo is the most enchanting and elegant man that Allie has ever set her eyes upon. When she visits Aristo on a journalism assignment to cover the prince’s 30th birthday, she and her photographer quickly uncover a plot that threatens the prince’s safety. Although she’s unable to resist his charms, she must protect her heart, as well as protect him.

This game has beautiful graphics that have cast a romantic spell on my desktop! As an added bonus, included with the game is a free Harlequin novel. With this game, I not only have my pool-side page turner, but I also have a fun game to play on my laptop as I listen to the tides of the Pacific Ocean roll in. A passionate romantic tale at the push of a button is a great way to start a vacation!


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