Are you in desperate need of a tropical island breeze, but it’s just not in the cards at the moment (or bank account, for that matter)? Do you dream of  traveling to a fantasy-filled foreign land, only to be awakened by the screaming reality of your out-of-school children? Well then, get online and grab your tickets at to start your carefree cyber vacation!

If you choose our “Flyin’ iWin” vacation package, you will first be whisked away to Rachel’s Retreat, where you will be positively pampered amidst the beautiful sights and sounds of Nirvana (the state of consciousness, not the band). After you refresh and relax, you will then join the others for a little yoga, expanding your mind in preparation for your next adventure.

After receiving top-notch spa treatments at Rachel’s, you’ll take the first helicopter available and fly over the Lost Lagoon, a deserted island known for its mystery and intrigue. The copter will then land near your destination, l’Hotel, located near the ocean. The famous Detective Brightstone has landed on the island as well, and will serve as your tour guide, sharing tales of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and haunted artifacts as she leads you amongst the ruins of the historical islands.

Detective Brightstone will then drive you to the nearest beach and introduce you to Marley, the Ranch Rush 2 tropical farmer who will bring you tasty treats of pineapples and pomegranates.  Marley will guide you to the emerald green ocean, where you will frolic with schools of fish, snorkelers and whale watchers. To help you learn about the underwater sea life of the island, Marley will provide you with a book that he calls the Magic Enclopedia: Illusions, filled with tales of aquatic mermaid and magician adventures. After you blow out the lantern in your cabana, you can begin planning your next iWin spin around the globe..