The iWin Buzz is (finally) here!

Hello iWin players! We have been writing this blog now for well over 2 years but up until now, we never really were able to showcase it in a way that made it easy to get to from the homepage. But as you can see, we are making some improvements to our site and homepage. Now, we have the iWin Buzz (yay!) that we will be using to not only let you know of some really exciting promotions and upcoming events, but it will also be an easy way for everyone to navigate to our blog, to our Facebook page, to Twitter and all of the other social elements that make life so interesting these days!

iWin Buzz

So let me walk you through all of the different elements of my beloved Buzz.

Upper text links:We will be using these links to tell you guys about anything exciting we think you should know about… upcoming games, sales, news and events.
Facebook: We are on Facebook… and growing quick! Become a fan and get a daily update in your feed about the game of the day.
Twitter: Do you tweet? We do! Follow us on Twitter for game updates, Hotel iWin updates, promotions, events etc.
Blog: Ah the blog. We want this to be an interactive place for players and iWin employees to come together. Come, read, participate. We want to know what you want and (try to) give it to you as soon as possible!
Newsletter: Want to hear about the coolest games that come out on iWin on a weekly basis? Well, our newsletter is your best bet. And just for signing up, we will also send you a free game!
Forums: The forums are the best place to learn about games as they come out, chat with your fellow players, talk directly with iWin employees and basically just revel in the growing iWin community.
Toolbar: The toolbar is my baby- it just sits at the top of your desktop and allows you to see what the game of the day is, the games that are on sale, and run searches. It is the best toolbar ever! Download it today!

I hope that you enjoy this new buzz area. I would love to know what you think of it and what you would like to see it used for. Talk to me!


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