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What’s a diner without a bar?

Well, I suppose it’s still a diner – but it’s missing something. And where would your regular customers sit? Everyone knows regulars sit at the bar. You don’t want to leave your regulars out in the cold, do you? I didn’t think so! So you’d better set up your bar counter with some stools, or […]


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Rachel’s Retreat is Coming Soon!

Contest: “Hotel Beatle” 05/26 – 06/01

Music does more than aurally stimulate us at the time we listen to it, sounds become a triggering points of memory in the same way that certain smells may take you back vividly to place long past. When I listen to The Rolling Stones or The Who, I think of long drives in my father’s […]

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A blast from the past

The American ’50s diner, a classic. Poodle skirts, cat-eye glasses, checkered floors – the works. Nothing beats a good old fashioned hamburger and soda for less than a buck. Well, those times may be gone – but not forgotten. Time to start your own diners! SALE ITEM CATEGORY Classic Motorcycle Hobby Jukebox Appliances Checkered Marble […]

Contest Results: “Hotel Kitchen”

Pans were rattled, whisks were stirred, and many a “mon dieu” was heard on the set of “The Kitchen of Oafs” as pretentious Chef Feckless McGriddle fumbled his way through the series of truly outstanding entries received during our “Hotel Kitchen” contest. While his attempts to recreate many of the recipes submitted ended with the […]

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette is Coming Soon!

Contest: 05/19-05/25 “Pet Tales” NOW OVER!

Announcement of Winners: First Place:  Scotkitty (3rd Floor):  “I Love Lucy” Second Place:  Sophidia (16th Floor):  “Wondering Willem” Third Place:  bharris147 (17th Floor):  “Dad’s T-Shirt” Below is a contest recap: On a recent early morning, the phone rang. While I’m always glad to hear my mother’s voice, I’m considerably less so at 7:00 a.m. on […]

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