Jewel Quest: Heritage is a Mega Hit and a Great Value

Last December we launched a new adventure in the top-selling series Jewel Quest. It was a Mega Hit!

Still, after four months, Jewel Quest: Heritage is one of the bestsellers on and the reasons are obvious: Jewel Quest heritage is a highly addictive game with an incredible amount of creativity and variety.

For one, I am still playing it and as I discover more and more boards and the boards become more and more advanced, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride of being part of a company that built such a fun game. Match 3 games are usually not so much my thing. I love to spend my play time trying hidden object games. I am a huge fun of Jewel Quest though and my favorite game on the site is Jewel Quest Mysteries. However, I keep going back to Jewel Quest: Heritage, which has now kept engaged me for weeks.

Talk about value! My initial investment of 2,000 iCoins (or about $14) had returned already more than 20 hours of fun game play and I am not even close to be done…well, that might be also because I am not an advance player but still it is an amazing value, especially because I want to keep going back to the game and try to go further.

As the game works, the more boards you solve, the more pieces of Rupert’s heritage you discover. I actually look forward to seeing the new characters and their short biography. Their stories are actually engaging and don’t feel like the usual “filler” between game play. Our creative team here developed some really fun personas and the boards always match the character. Check out the images below to see a sample of the amazing backgrounds and art in this game.

Jewel Quest: Heritage

Oh, what fun it is to go exploring Jewel Quest: Heritage.

If you have not tried it yet, go ahead and download the 60 minutes trial. If nothing else, you will spend one great hour with Rupert and his family.

Play now!
Play now!


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