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A splash of color

Everyone loves choices. Which games to play, what flavor of ice cream to eat, and what color your furniture comes in. Today, we have some new couches and tables for you, in a rainbow (well, not the official rainbow) of colors! Is your blue themed room needing a place to sit? Your green room looking […]


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Contest 04/29/10 – 05/05/10: Love to Hate or Hate to Love

As a species, we venerate the good guy.  The knight in shining armour, the square jawed hero, and the likable Tom Hanks.  They appeal to our better selves and serve as the archetype of the person we would like to be.  Sometimes though, a different side of us comes through either by nature, nurture, or […]

At the end of the rainbow

We know that after recent, necessary updates to the Hotel iWin some of you have experienced some problems. Many of these had to be dealt with on a case by case basis, involving several members on our team for resolution. We know that some of you were inconvenienced and confused in the process. We want […]

Jewel Quest: Heritage is a Mega Hit and a Great Value

Last December we launched a new adventure in the top-selling series Jewel Quest. It was a Mega Hit! Still, after four months, Jewel Quest: Heritage is one of the bestsellers on and the reasons are obvious: Jewel Quest heritage is a highly addictive game with an incredible amount of creativity and variety. For one, […]

For the birds

One of these things is not like the others – well, many of them are. However, a bird will probably only play in one of them. Go ahead, guess! You got it, the gong! …Wait, that’s not right. The bird bath! This week, we have a bundle of items for you, including a very beautiful […]

Contest Results Hotel Hollywood 04/07 – 04/16

Here are the results of the recent “Hotel Hollywood” contest. You no longer need to appear on morning talk shows, place “for your consideration” ads in “Variety,” or scream into the phone at your agent. It’s over – but we’re going to revisit this contest theme in the future so plot your next role carefully…and […]

Springtime is finally here? ummm… not yet.

Hey guys! Spring is here and in the air. I am sitting here, looking at the tulips on my table (yellow and white!) that my mom gave me for Easter, I hear the birds chirping outside and all I can think is… Spring is FINALLY here! This winter has been a long, wet one here […]

Living on an Opal Budget

We all do it sometimes, we see something we really want and we blow our savings on it. But then, we see something we need and we can’t afford it anymore. Sometimes it’s nice to shop in the bargain section and pick out a few things we like, but can afford. You can still have […]

Contest 04/07/10 – 04/13/10: “Hotel Hollywood”

While the Oscars are now long since past – they certainly were more interesting and carried more of a buzz about them than in recent years. On the evening of Hollywood’s most prestigious and ostentatious occasion, I was fiddling around with my rooms while watching the telecast and began to imagine an alternate movie world, […]

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