February 2010

Sometimes the simpler things are nice, sometimes they’re a little used. Try not to think of used furniture as “beaten up” so much as “broken in”. It’s already been brought that early uncomfortable stage for you!

Today it’s time to go outside and rescue some furniture, and add a little character to your rooms. We have a variety of quirky items available, some of which have seen some action.

Old Analog TV Appliances
Old Analog TV – Back Appliances
Cheap BBQ Grill Outdoor
Camping Trailer Door Wall Objects
My Starter Home Backgrounds

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Battered Recliner Chairs
Red Plastic Chair Chairs
Green Plastic Chair Chairs
Blue Plastic Chair Chairs
Milk Crate Nightstand Tables
Tire Coffee Table Tables
Battered Couch Sofas
Black Futon Sofas
Mini Microwave Kitchen & Bath
Mini Fridge Kitchen & Bath


Simple bamboo, paper, elements of nature – these things are beautiful, timeless traditions. And today, you can have them in your room. Today we are taking a trip to the far east, and bringing a few wonderful things back with us. Whether you wish to have a koi pond, or just a nice tea chest, today has a variety of things for you!

Go and get in touch with nature again, and enjoy some tranquility while you’re at it!

MJQII Asia Mural Backgrounds
Siamese Cat Pets
Asian Room Divider Decor
Tea Set Kitchen & Bath

This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Tea Table Tables
Tea Chest Other Furniture
Stand Up Fountain Decor
Mini Bamboo Fountain Decor
Artificial Cherry Blossom Decor
Koi Pond Decor
Paper Lantern Lighting
Legless Chair Chairs
Legless Chair – Back Chairs
Burgundy Cushion Chairs
Green Cushion Chairs
Gold Cushion Chairs
Wall Scroll Wall Objects

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Thank you!

The iWin Team

Sometimes, what life gives you doesn’t make a lot of sense. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you’ve got a pattern that you can follow and you know what’s coming, that’s when you get a curve ball. Sometimes, we like to throw you those. Sometimes, there’s lava lamps. Today is one of those sometimes kind of days!

What crazy combinations can you put these new items in? Hotel users never cease to amaze with their creativity, I have no doubt you will wow us again this week!

Carnival Background Backgrounds
Big Blue Rug Floor Objects
Big Blue Mailbox Decor
Butler Pal Pals
Pinball Machine Hobby

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Art Desk Tables
TV Tray Table Tables
Blue Hair Dryer Kitchen/Bath
Pink Hair Dryer Kitchen/Bath
Red Lava Lamp Decor
Blue Lava Lamp Decor
Large Vanity Mirror Kitchen/Bath
Wire Towel Rack Kitchen/Bath
Polished Metal Mirror Wall Objects

It’s tiki time! Bust out the bamboo, dust off your favorite tropical gear, and hit the beach. Today is all about the wonderful world of tiki themed items. We have a bunch of new items for you to fill your rooms with, and some of your favorite backgrounds are even on sale today.

It may be cold outside, but it’s sure warm in the Hotel!

Also, coming soon, a new Hotel iWin room decorating contest! Check the Hotel iWin Posts in our Forums on February 8 for more information.

Beach Cabana Background Backgrounds
Lifes a Beach Background Backgrounds
Hawaiian Sun Background Backgrounds
Neon Palm Tree Wall Objects
Bamboo Mat Floor Objects
Tiki Mug Food

This sale ends Friday. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Tiki Bed Beds
Tiki Nightstand Tables
Tiki Table Tables
Potted Tiki Plant Decor
Tiki Bar Other Furniture
Tiki Bar Chair Chairs
Tiki Lounge Chair Chairs
Tiki Torch Decor