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Merry Christmas from the Hotel iWin!

Well, you’re probably full of food right now, and wrapping paper is all over the floor… but it’s time to hunt for more gifts! As promised, this week is something special for you shopaholics, and it’s a bit of a fun hunt as well. Many high-quality items are now on sale in the Hotel for […]


We Have a Winner!

Around Thanksgiving we ran a contest giving our iWin Toolbar users the chance to win an iPhone 3G. I’m pleased to announce that I have (finally!), using very scientific methods that may or may not have involved the throwing of darts, selected a winner! Congratulations to Shannika in the Bronx! A Mac Store gift certificate […]

One week until Christmas!

Christmas is right around the corner. I know, people have been saying that for months. Some of you have had your shopping done since October. Some of you are shopping right now. Either way, you knew it was coming. With only one week left, there’s no denying it: it’s time for Christmas. That being said, […]

More ornaments, more!

Decorate! Go! What, you need more of an explanation? More ornaments have arrived, along with Kwanzaa and Hanukahh items to brighten up your lovely rooms. The holidays are full of cheer and are in full swing so get yourself in the spirit and show it! And if you haven’t put up your tree yet, maybe […]

‘Tis the season

For those of you in the holiday mood – rejoice! Christmas trees have arrived in the Hotel! Not just one, but five to choose from – all to decorate your holiday rooms. Not only that, but it looks like someone dropped off some ornaments to hang all over your room. ‘Tis the season, after all. […]

Jewel Quest: Heritage is Coming Soon!

Jacob – Game Producer at Hey Everyone, the Jewel Quest team is back and about to unleash the biggest Jewel Quest game yet! Jewel Quest Heritage as we like to call it, is the direct follow up to Jewel Quest 3, and if you thought that game was great, you will be blown away […]

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