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Happy Halloween and Pier 1 Extension!

It’s Halloween Weekend! I hope you have your candy bowls ready for the Trick-or-Treaters! Did you get some pumpkins carved? What are you dressing up as? Well, it may not be quite Halloween related, but we think these new items will bring you some smiles regardless. We have some nice inexpensive refrigerators in two different […]


Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit!

Hi all, I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been having a little trouble getting into the Halloween spirit this year. It could have something to do with the weird heatwave we had last week, it’s hard to feel all Halloweeny when it’s 80 degrees out! Now the weather’s finally cooling off, and I’m […]

Return of the Cabinets!

Today we have some more cabinets for you! And this time they are in White. Not only that, but they also have  wonderful green counter tops as well! These are so bright and cute, they seem perfect for decorating a bathroom as well! We’ll have a few cute more kitchen items for you this week, […]

Pirate Items and Pier 1 Imports!

With Halloween on the way, and people loving to dress up, we give you another option today! Be a pirate! Arr matie, we have ye old Pirate Ship Background to sail the seven seas on. And shiver me timbers, a Magic Treasure Chest as well! Yar, with all the gold in that chest, it cost […]

Don’t forget your…

It’s time to start making your Holiday plans; who are you going to go visit for the Holidays? Who’s coming to visit you? Sure,  it’s a few months away, but there’s no harm in planning ahead! So wash those clothes in the Laundry Hamper! That way you’ll have plenty of nice items to pack in […]

Halloween Items and Pier 1 Imports

The spooky items continue today, along with two really cute Pier 1 Imports items! After spending the night in a Dungeon, on a Bed of Nails, you really need a comfortable place to sit. Pier 1 Imports is here to provide that, with their nice Hibiscus Wing Chair! And if you need a break from […]

Jojo’s Fashion Show Contest Winners!

We have our Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour contest winners for you today! Our grand prize was a 200 dollar Gap gift card! That Grand Prize winner is pitalbug9!! Congratulations, you have won both the 200 dollar gift card as well as 3000 Opals!! Please keep an eye on your email for further instructions! For […]

Halloween Décor!

Things are starting to get a little spooky around here. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and there’s a frightening feeling in the air. Halloween is on it’s way!! So now is the time to start decorating! We have lots of cute new Halloween items for you this week! And what […]

New Pier 1 Imports Items!

The fabulous new Hotel items from Pier 1 Imports continues! Today, and each Friday for the next few weeks we will be releasing two new Pier 1 Imports items, or possibly more! However, be sure to buy your new Pier 1 Imports Hotel items now, since in a few weeks, these items will be gone […]

5 Days Until Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour!

What a trip creating Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour has been! I feel like I’ve traveled the world and back again, rounding up the hippest styles from Indonesia to Paris for you fashionable fans. My favorite style hands-down is the Gothic Loli style from Japan. It’s dark and mysterious, but still has a very feminine […]

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