September 2009

Get those shoes tapping! We have lots of new sneakers for you today to give you happy feet! Different colors for lots of different fashion choices!

Once you pick your favorite pair of sneakers, you can prop your feet up on a nice footrest you got on sale! Is a footrest not your style? How about propping your feet up on a nice coffee table or desk. Just be careful not to make any scuff marks!

New shoes and a place to rest your feet?! Those sneaky sneakers sure can make for a great day!

Work Desk Tables
Rimmed Coffee Table Tables
Thatch Footrest Furniture Other
Cowhide Footrest Furniture Other
Modern Cloth Footrest Furniture Other

This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!
Here are the new items we have for you today:

Red Sneakers Shoes (female)
Blue Sneakers Shoes (female)
Green Sneakers Shoes (female)
Orange Sneakers Shoes (female)
Red Tennis Shoes Shoes (male)
Green Tennis Shoes Shoes (male)
Orange Tennis Shoes Shoes (male)
Black Shoes Shoes (male)

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They say eyes are the windows to people’s souls. Well, today we have a lot of different windows for you! They may not be eyes, or lead to souls, but they sure give you a nice view! Dress up your walls with these nice new windows! We also have a few new doors for you too, but they have some nice views as well!

These are the perfect windows to own, since they will never need cleaning! Forever streak free, with gorgeous scenery, what more could you ask for?

Get yours today!

Stained Glass Window Wall Objects
French Doors Wall Objects
Sliding Door to the Pool Wall Objects
Pink Flower Curtains Wall Objects
Blue Striped Curtains Wall Objects

This sale ends Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!
Here are the new items we have for you today:

Sliding Door Balcony Wall Objects
Snowed-in Window Wall Objects
Heavenly Window Wall Objects
Fall Window Wall Objects
Rainbow Window Wall Objects
Window to the Tropics Wall Objects
Open Road Door Wall Objects

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Jojo’s Fashion Show 3 features ten of the great cities of the world.  Pookie and I, with our penchant for travel, have visited six them so far.  Being here in Brazil we were able to revisit our favorite.

Imagine the granite domes of Yosemite, squeeze in Manhattan, trim it with Hawaii’s best beaches, sun all year with a tropical climate, add a lively soundtrack and you’ll start to understand the appeal of the “Marvelous City”, Rio de Janeiro.

We rented an apartment for a week, just a block off Copacabana beach.  Although it’s winter now, the weather’s warm and the sun is shining.  The beaches are long and wide, accommodating tens of thousands of visitors every day.  There something beautifully egalitarian about them.  Everyone comes to the beach, rich and poor, old and young, local and visitor.  It’s a huge open air meeting place, sports complex, concert hall, church and street fair.

Brazil is rich is regional music forms, but Rio stands out as the birth place of Choro, Samba and Bossa Nova, all music forms that have come to embody the character of Brazil to the rest of the world.   Celebrating a birthday, we met with friends at a favorite club.  The place was an old colonial home converted into a three-story nightclub, decorated with what seemed the inventory of a dozen antique stores.

A week is too short a time to visit.  Can you believe we didn’t even make it to Sugarloaf?  Pookie and I made a list of the things we want to do when we return.  And things are looking up for Rio.  The city will host the 2014 Soccer World Cup Final.  They also seem to be the sentimental favorite to host the Olympics in 2016, which would be a first for a South American city.  The decision will be announced in early October.  I’m hoping they get it.

Not that anyone needs another reason to return to Rio.

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Allergic pet owners, rejoice! No longer do you have to live with the coughing, sneezing, and eye rubbing of owning a pet that you’re allergic to. That’s right, we’re introducing allergy-friendly pets! Now, these are no ordinary pets – we didn’t just run out and shave a cat and a dog. These are ROBOTS. Robots, I say! Who doesn’t love robots?

And in case you actually don’t love robots, we also brought some real stuff along for your non-robot pets! Don’t give the robots the water, it’s bad for them.

Rope Chew Toy Hobby
Bone Chew Toy Hobby
Mouse Cat Toy Hobby
Parrot Stand Hobby
Beach Ball Hobby

This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Robot Dog Pets
Robot Cat Pets
Ball of Yarn Cat Toy Hobby
Dog Food Dish Hobby
Cat Food Dish Hobby
Water Dish Hobby
Litter Box Hobby

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If you’ve been waiting for a light wood cabinet, you’re in luck! Today we have the new Maple Cabinets as promised! For that light and airy kitchen feel, light Maple Cabinets will really do the trick!

You pick the counter top, you pick the color wood, and you pick which drawers you want! Mix and match with the other wood types even! So many choices, so little time!

You can be your own master chef in this kitchen!

Tea Set Hobby
Knife Set Hobby
Water Cooler Appliances
Toaster Appliances
Wood Dining Table Tables

This sale ends Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!
Here are the new items we have for you today:

Maple Island Cabinets Other Furniture
Maple Corner Cabinets Other Furniture
Beige Island Countertop Other Furniture
Beige Corner Countertop Other Furniture
Large Maple Door Other Furniture
Medium Maple Door Other Furniture
Small Maple Door Other Furniture

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This is build your own cabinet week! That’s right! We will have more colors and choices for you all week! So today we are introducing our Cherry Wood set! For all you light wood fans out there, we have our next set coming on Friday!

So enjoy these great food and kitchen items on sale! There will be more of these as well Friday! Mix and match, make a truly unique cabinet set! Get that kitchen cooking!

Birthday Cake Décor
Wine Rack Hobby
Spaghetti Hobby
Baking Set Hobby
Steak Dinner Hobby

This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!
Here are the new items we have for you today:

Cherry Corner Cabinets Other Furniture
Cherry Island Cabinets Other Furniture
Large Cherry Door Other Furniture
Medium Cherry Door Other Furniture
Small Cherry Door Other Furniture
Quartz Corner Countertop Other Furniture
Quartz Island Countertop Other Furniture

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Hi Everybody,

I have a very happy, although slightly belated announcement to make!

You guys remember Lulu the Marketing Guru, right?

Here she is ——->

Lulu is currently on much deserved maternity leave, because she and her husband just had a baby girl!

All three of them are doing wonderfully.  Here’s a note we received from the happy but tired new mom –

Aislyn (eyes-lyn) Grace was born on August 31, 2009 at 5:59am to two adoring and thrilled parents.  She weighed 6.15lbs and measured 19.5 inches.  She is, as you can see from the pictures, absolutely perfect.

Please join us in welcoming Aislyn Grace into the iWin family, and wishing Lulu and her family much joy and happiness!

Fashion Lovers Unite!

Here in the fog-cloaked city of San Francisco, we’ve been feverishly perfecting the soon-to-be-released Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour.   We can’t wait to unveil this latest installment from the Jojo’s series, because we’re confident that its classic appeal and new features will surpass the expectations of Jojo’s fans and newcomers alike.

Without revealing all of our secrets, here are but a few tempting details about the game’s clothing facelift, new models, fresh music and never-before-seen clothing design center.

Probably the most exciting new addition for fashionistas and designers at heart is the game’s clothing design feature.  Selecting from endless supplies of colors, patterns and shapes, players can create their own clothing for models to flaunt on the runway.  You can truly see your designs come to life!

The music in Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour is fresh off the runway with an eclectic mix of house music and exotic sounds from around the world.  With your speakers turned up, you’ll think you’ve landed front row seats at the season’s hottest fashion show.

Did I mention the totally revamped art in Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour?!  This time around, the clothing and models are so realistic and gorgeous that you’ll need to look twice to believe they’re not real.  We’ve gone to extensive lengths to create chic styles that are not only beautiful, but also exotic, vibrant and fun to mix-and-match; imagine the coasts of Rio during Carnival, the streets of Japan decked out in offbeat but awesome fashions, or an Indonesian wedding, with a stunningly adorned bride – just to name a few!

So, get ready to create, design and delve into a whirlwind adventure in Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour.  It’s sure to be a designer’s dream!

– Amy Crigger – Producer

Check out the Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour mini site for a FREE calendar and wallpapers!

The excitement for sinks was overwhelming on Tuesday!! We hope to continue that excitement with today’s release of cabinets!

Once you get done washing your dishes in the new sinks, you’ll need some place to put them. How about in these brand new cabinets!

But these aren’t just any cabinets; these are “Build Your Own” cabinets!
We have different cabinet pieces for you, so that you can create your very own unique look! Do you want all little drawers? Do you want big drawers? The choice is yours! There will be more color choices coming your way in the future as well!

We also have some great kitchen items for you on sale, so that you will have some nice things to put with your new cabinets! The kitchen of your dreams is yours to be created!

Food Processor Appliances
Blender Appliances
Wood Stove Appliances
Microwave Appliances
Sideboard Other Furniture

This sale ends Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sales items today!
Here are the new items we have for you today:

Black Corner Countertop Other Furniture
Black Island Countertop Other Furniture
Walnut Corner Cabinets Other Furniture
Walnut Island Cabinets Other Furniture
Small Walnut Door Other Furniture
Medium Walnut Door Other Furniture
Large Walnut Door Other Furniture

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Hi Everybody,
Just wanted to let you know that iWin will be performing site upgrades and routine site maintenance and will be unavailable starting at 10PM PDT on Wednesday September 9th until approximately 2AM PDT on Thursday September 10.

During this short maintenance period you will not be able to access iWin.com or Hotel iWin, purchase or download any games, play any free games, or access your account information.

You will be able to play games that you have downloaded and purchased as long as they have been activated.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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