iWin is Proud to Announce Coconut Queen!

Since I’ve been playing Coconut Queen almost non-stop for the last week and a half, I was going to do a full on review of the game, but frankly, our pals over at Gamezebo not only beat me to it, they did a waaaay better job than I would have!

You can check out the full review here, but there are a few choice tidbits I’d like to crow about:

Their review score was 5 stars – Here’s a visual: 5 stars!  Out of 5 even!  They also said some very nice things, such as:

Coconut Queen is an ambitious, humorous and wonderful game, which is worth a try for every gamer, no matter of his or her general preferences.”


“It seems as though iWin has been on a winning streak with its recent releases. After the entertaining Kelly Green: Garden Queen only two weeks ago, Coconut Queen turns out to be the first game that can really compete with Build-a-lot in every respect.”

I think I’m actually blushing a little!

Ready to play?

Need some more convincing?

What I love about Coconut Queen is that, even when you’re hurrying to complete a goal, it never feels frantic and stressful.  I also like the “off the grid” building style, where you can arrange your resort however you like without constraints.  If they trees are in your way, you can even clear the jungle to create your perfect island paradise!

Then there’s the charm and humor.  Andy, the producer of the game and world-renowned iWin blogateer, is a really funny guy, and this shines through in all his games.

And really, who doesn’t want their own army of hunky, agreeable men who build stuff?  You?  I didn’t think so.

Speaking of Andy, he was kind enough to compile an awesome list of tip and tricks to help you be the efficient and benevolent ruler you always knew you could be.

“You Rule, Here’s How”

A Handy Guide For The Recently Crowned

  • You can win without beating all 58 chapters of Coconut Queen.  But completing each chapter earns you a gem, which can be spent to enhance the game.
  • There are two concepts that you must master.  The first concept is Commercial Income, and the second concept is Appeal.  We will explain them later.
  • There is no right way to develop your resorts.  Anything that helps you meet your objectives is fair game.
  • There are so many things that you can do, but not all of them are necessary for the specific challenges in front of you.  Focus your efforts on the actions that bring you closer to meeting your goal.
  • With one exception, reserve the land near water exclusively for your rental buildings.  Landscaping and commercial buildings don’t derive any benefits from being near the water.
  • The exception is the Lifeguard Tower.  These must be built near water, but they raise the appeal of all nearby rental buildings.  They also make it easier to spot and shoo the gum gum sharks!
  • Watch out for damaged property!  You’re not receiving your full income until damaged stuff is repaired.
  • When several things are damaged at once, picking the right order to fix things makes a difference.  When resources are scarce, you are best off repairing lots of little stuff so as not to break the bank.  When resources are plentiful, repair the big-ticket items first.  They are the items most likely to help you meet your objectives.
  • You can only have a maximum of 20 workers at once.  That’s a lot.
  • Commercial buildings don’t benefit from appeal, so they don’t need to be near anything else.
  • You must master dividing your attention.  Some stuff just takes time.  Start something that takes a while, then go somewhere else and start something new.  As long as there are enough resources, you and your workers can multi-task like crazy.
  • Whenever you have a spare worker and unused open space, plant new jungle.  By the next chapter, the new growth will be fully grown jungle, and that’s free construction materials.
  • Some of the objects in the game can only be unlocked by playing the Free Play levels.  I’m not telling which items, or how you get them.  Just go develop!
  • If you find yourself running out of time, you should know that you can always pause the game and think about your next move!

Commercial Income

  • Commercial income is generated by commercial buildings, but is slightly more complex than rental income.  Each commercial building, such as a Concession Stand or a Water Sports Store, makes a certain amount of money off of the tourist population.
  • As an example, a Concession Stand can make $10 per tourist every “payday”, which is every 15 seconds.
  • Each rental building houses a certain number of tourists.  A Cabana holds 2 tourists, a Cottage holds 4, and so on.
  • So if your population consists of 50 tourists, then each Concession Stand is making $500 (50 x $10).
  • If you build a Cottage, then each Concession Stand is now making $540 (50 + 4 new tourists, times $10).  That’s only $40 more.
  • But if, instead, you built another Concession Stand, that’s another $500, because it’s making another $10 off of each of your 50 tourists!
  • So either way, you increase your Commercial Income, and it all goes towards your Bottom Line.


  • Think of improvements—umbrellas, hot tubs, swimming pools—as emitters, and think of rental units—cabanas, cottages, condos, hotels, etc.—as receivers.  Each receiver can receive appeal from every unique emitter that’s within “broadcast range”.  Improvements or rentals on their own don’t generate appeal; it takes two to tango.
  • One of the most profitable ways to lay out your resorts is to cluster your rental buildings around a group of appeal-raising elements such as pools, hot tubs, and beach umbrellas.  This way, several rental buildings can benefit from just one of each type of improvement.
  • Here’s a juicy secret: appeal translates directly to a percentage increase in rent! That’s right! If a Cabana has +10 appeal, then it’s generating an extra 10% rental money.
  • It’s possible, through expert use of improvements, to DOUBLE the rental income of a building.  Whoa.


All of us here at iWin hope you have as much fun playing Coconut Queen as we did making it…and playing it.  A lot.

Did I mention I finally got the Oprah award?

Yep, so I got that going for me!

I think you’re going to enjoy it, have fun!


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