iWin Coconut Queen Contest!

You know what game is coming soon? I’ll give you three hints.

1. It’s on a tropical island.
2. It’s got beautiful sandy beaches.
3. And you are the queen!

Can you guess yet? That’s right, it’s Coconut Queen!

Click here to enter the Coconut Queen contest!

Since Coconut Queen takes place on the far away tropical island of Lui Lui, here at iWin we wanted to give you your own chance at a getaway vacation.
For this week’s contest, in honor of the upcoming release of Coconut Queen, we are giving away the grand prize of:

A 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card!

So pack that swim suit, and be sure to order a fruity drink with little umbrella. It’s time to enter the Coconut Queen contest! Surf, sand, and sun are yours to be won!

To enter, go to our iWin Promotions room located HERE and click on the door. The door will take you to an entry form page. Just fill out the entry page and you’ll be entered! This will be a random drawing of 4 lucky winners.

What are all the prizes? Well I’m glad you asked!

1st prize – 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card and 3000 Opals
2nd prize – 2000 Opals
3rd prize – 1000 Opals
4th prize – 500 Opals

You may enter the Coconut Queen contest twice according to the rules listed here. But beware, entering more than twice may disqualify you from the contest.

Also, unfortunately due to shipment restrictions, our first prize is only open to US Residents.

This contest will end next Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 10am PST.

The winner will be announced the next Wednesday afternoon.

So go click the door and ENTER HERE and be a Coconut Queen today!

Want more Coconut Queen? Check out the official Coconut Queen Game Website for your exclusive FREE: calendar, wallpapers & ringtones!

As for last week’s contest, we had a TON of entries! At the end of the contest we had well over 3200 entries! This was our biggest weekly contest to date! Our grand prize winner of last week’s Kelly Green contest was kawrider66!! Congratulations and enjoy your Year of Seeds!

For 2nd place, winning a lovely 50 dollar flower bouquet, we have angeljoey!!

Both 1st and 2nd place winners will need to check their email for further instructions.

wldgtr won 3rd prize and 1000 Opals, and last but not least wildrose3 won our 4th prize spot with 500 Opals!

Congratulations! The Opals will be awarded late tonight, so keep an eye on your Opals balances!

Click here to enter the Coconut Queen contest!

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