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New Rare Canopy Bed!

Sleepy time week continues, now that you have your nice comfortable pajamas, let’s make sure you have a nice place to sleep. We have two nice new beds for you today. And one of them is a RARE item! So get a lovely Sleigh Bed, or be one of the 50 people to purchase the […]


Pajama Jammie Jam!

It’s sleepy time week at Hotel iWin! So, to start this week out we have some cute new pajamas for you! Some dressy ones for the ladies, and some nice comfortable tops and bottoms for the guys! And since you’re buying these cute new sleep clothes, we have some handy shopping bags for you as […]

San Francisco Bay Area – Do you play Facebook Games?

You play our games and you know what you want. Now’s your chance to tell us, and get paid for your ideas! Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you play Facebook games? We would like your opinion on a new product that iWin is developing for social networks. We need you […]

Rare Coconut Queen Beach Huts!

Did you try Coconut Queen yet!? Coconut fever is here, and if you haven’t yet tried Coconut Queen, here is your chance! Try your hand at Coconut Queen for free, just CLICK HERE! Playing Coconut Queen puts you on a journey to a tropical escape, and of course you also earn Opals while playing Coconut […]

iWin is Proud to Announce Coconut Queen!

Since I’ve been playing Coconut Queen almost non-stop for the last week and a half, I was going to do a full on review of the game, but frankly, our pals over at Gamezebo not only beat me to it, they did a waaaay better job than I would have! You can check out the […]

Coconut Queen Contest Winners!

We have our Coconut Queen contest winners for you today! Our grand prize was a 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card! And that Grand Prize winner is craftbugjo!! Congratulations, you have won both the 200 dollar gift card as well as 3000 Opals! Please keep an eye on your email for further instructions! For our […]

Can’t wait for Coconut Queen?

The anticipation is killing me! I can’t wait until Coconut Queen comes out on the 20th of August! However, I do have some new items to help tide people over until Coconut Queen is released! How about some new Coconut Queen themed items for the Hotel? Be your own Coconut Queen in Hotel iWin! We […]

A Coconut Queen Tease from Andy

Attention all building game enthusiasts! The Seattle studio has been working on something truly special, and we think you’ll LOVE it. Coconut Queen will be released on August 20th, and it’s a cool, exotic, refreshing tropical drink for your eyes, ears and brain. We’ve really outdone ourselves to show you what a true Premium game […]

Old Habits…

Did you ever wish that you could teach your dog new habits? Have you ever wanted for your trusted companion to fetch your slippers instead of the newspaper? Well, now you can at Hotel iWin! Our shoe week continues with these comfortable new slippers for guys and gals. Available in three lovely color choices for […]

Going Brazilian

One of the great things about working at iWin is our tolerance for working remotely.  Pookie and I are preparing to test that tolerance.  We’re leaving for ten weeks and will be staying at her mother’s. While the thought of living in your mother-in-law’s house for 10 weeks may give most men psychosomatic illnesses, in […]

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