June 2009

It’s the 30th of June. You know what that means! Right? …No? It’s almost the 4th of July!

We’ve got some great new items coming today, and keep your eyes peeled for Friday when we will set things off with a bang! But first, clear some space for your new grills and get ready to try on your new patriotic costumes!

And to our neighbors to the north, don’t think we’ve forgotten you in all our excitement – July 1st is Canada day, so show your love for our Canadian friends, too.

Our room of the week this week is lata1954’s Aliens and Animals – it’s probably best to stay in the fenced in area, who knows what you’ll find on that crazy planet?

American Flag Wall Objects
American Flag Sticker Stickers
American Boxer Costume Costumes (male)
American Breakfast Hobby
Steak Dinner Hobby

This sale ends on Friday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Hockey Equipment Hobby
Canadian Flag Wall Objects
Cheap BBQ Outdoor
BBQ Rotisserie Outdoor
Charcoal Grill Outdoor
Uncle Sam Costume Costumes
Aunt Samantha Costume Costumes
Uncle Sam Hat Hats
Aunt Samantha Hat Hats
Fourth of July Sticker Stickers

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Summer is officially here! That means it’s time to go outside and enjoy the warmth. A pool party would be the perfect way to welcome Summer! Well, we have the perfect items to get that pool party started!

First off, you need a Swimming Pool! But you always need to make sure you’re safe around water, so be sure you buy a Life Ring! The pool party can be indoors our out, so take a break inside while still enjoying the pool view from your Siding Door to the Pool.

Want to be summery, but aren’t ready to put on the swim suit yet? Why not try our fabulous new Clam Digger pants! They are high enough that you can wade your feet in the water to cool off, and still enjoy the pool without having to worry.

And now you can have your pool right by the Ocean. Trick yourself into thinking you have a pool that goes on infinitely with your new Infinity Pool Background.

And as for sales, let’s spice this pool party up! Get your Tiki Mug and Margarita glass out! We also have Aviator Glasses for you on sale! Since summer time can be quite bright, and you don’t want to have to squint your eyes! We also have the ever classic 1930’s Swim Suit on sale for you. And to top it all off, a nice Tropical Background!

I know I personally like to sit on my apartment balcony to enjoy the morning rays. It’s that nice time of day before it gets too overbearingly hot! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and can go out and enjoy a bit of summer sun.

Two quick reminders:

1. Remember the Jewel Quest Online Party Beta will be going on still! So please feel free to try it out and give us your feedback. We’d love to hear what you think! Go HERE for more information.

2. The ‘iWin Lookalike Contest’ is still going on until next Tuesday at 10am. Get your entries in for your chance to win 10,000 Opals! For more information, go HERE!

1930’s Swim Suit Outfits (female)
Tropical Background Backgrounds
Tiki Mug Hobby
Margarita Hobby
Aviator Glasses Glasses (female)
Aviator Sunglasses Glasses (male)

This sale ends on Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Life Ring Hobby
Floor Swimming Pool Floor Objects
Infinity Pool Background Backgrounds
Sliding Door to the Pool Wall Objects
Brown Clam Diggers Bottoms
Blue Clam Diggers Bottoms
Red Clam Diggers Bottoms

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Introducing Jewel Quest Online Party (Beta)! Do you love Jewel Quest? This is your chance to play Jewel Quest with other people! We need people in Jewel Quest Online Party during this closed beta!

Everyone should plan on meeting in the game twice a day if possible. Our set times for testing are:

10:00am to 11:00am PST and 4:00pm to 5:00pm PST.

However feel free to play anytime! Right now we need bodies in the rooms!Download Jewel Quest Online Party only at iWin We need to keep a constant player count going, so even if you’re just hanging out in Jewel Quest Online Party, it will help us! But of course we would much rather you play the game!

Please keep in mind this is a closed beta, so there are bugs. Some of these include:

• The awards are not yet working.
• The rankings are not yet working.

Once you’ve played the game, if you have any comments, or have found any issues please report them on the Jewel Quest Online Party forum!

This is your chance to get your voice heard and help us make the game better! We would love to hear your feedback!

We look forward to hearing what you think!

Play Jewel Quest Online Party Here!

Update: Currently Jewel Quest Online Party  is not awarding Opals. When we move from closed to open beta, it will start to award Opals properly.
We do want to reward people for trying the game out, so anyone that posts in the forums will get a bump in their Opals stash at a later date. So please try the game out and tell us what you think!

To make comments on this game, go to the Jewel Quest Online Party Forum

The iWin Weekly Contest this week is the ‘iWin Lookalike Contest’! Create a Hotel iWin room, with a customizable frame in it. Inside that frame place a photo of yourself that looks like your avatar! Then put your avatar next to the photo! We want to see who most closely resembles their iWin avatar! The grand prize for the best ‘iWin Lookalike Contest’ will be 10,000 Opals! We are increasing the prize amount this week, so don’t miss out!

All you need to enter is a customizable frame (500 Opals) and to dress up your iWin avatar! Once you have finished creating your room, post a reply on the forums with your floor number.

If you want to decorate the background of your room to match the background in the photo, feel free!

This contest will end next Tuesday at 10am PST. So hurry and start working on your ‘iWin Lookalike Contest’ entry. The winner will be announced next Wednesday afternoon/evening.

As for last week’s contest, since we did it for Moms, we decided we would do it for Dads, too. Everyone that entered this Father’s Day Memories contest is a winner! There were so many great entries this past week we have decided everyone that entered was a winner!!

Some of your stories were heartbreaking; many of your stories were so cute and full of joy. Each and every one of you deserves to win this contest!

So all of the following people will be receiving 3000 Opals awarded to their accounts late tonight:


The Opals will be awarded late tonight, so keep an eye on your Opals balance.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your wonderful memories.

To enter the new ‘iWin Lookalike Contest’ contest please go HERE!

New at Hotel iWin, introducing rare items! These are items that are sold for a limited time and available in limited quantity only. Here is your chance to purchase a truly unique item that will set you apart from all the rest!  Introducing the Hotel iWin Founders’ Plaque! Show that you were a part of the Hotel from very early on!

There are only 500 of these Founders’ Plaques total, and once they are gone, they are gone forever!

So hurry, and get yours today while you still can!

With your new rare Hotel Founders’ Plaque secure on your wall it’s time to settle in for a nice afternoon of reading books. You can create your own little ‘book nook’ in the Hotel! We have a lovely new Recessed Bookshelf for you to keep your books in. As well as individual books that you can keep handy! Which book should you read today? The Blue Book, Green Book, or the Red Book? Perhaps it’s a mystery or even a love story. So turn on your Desk Lamp, get yourself a nice Cup of Coffee and curl up with one of these great new books.

And with today’s sales, you can certainly get quite comfortable while you read! Take a seat on your new Porcelain Couch, or snuggle up in The Comfy Chair. Both of these are perfect places to sit comfortably while you’re diving into your favorite book. However, you should always make sure you have the proper reading light as well; you don’t want to strain your eyes. So grab some of the great new sales lamps, a Modern Floor Lamp or an Old Table Lamp. If you’re the type that likes to read in bed, well we even have a Nightstand on sale for you. So you have a nice place to rest your book, before you rest your eyes.

And as for this week’s Room of the Week, check out mitzi8361’s great room HERE! I love the creativity! Just think, back in the pioneer days books were a rarity! It makes you appreciate how blessed we are with reading materials now!
You have to hope the big bad wolf doesn’t come and blow down a house made of straw though. Haha
Truly a lovely job on this room, mitzi! Great theme!

Porcelain Couch Sofas
The Comfy Chair Chairs
Modern Floor Lamp Lighting
Old Table Lamp Lighting
Nightstand Tables

This sale ends on Friday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Blue Book Hobby
Green Book Hobby
Red Book Hobby
Desk Lamp – Back Lighting
Recessed Bookshelf Wall Objects
Cup of Coffee Hobby
Founder’s Plaque Wall Objects

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Now you have another reason to be an iCoins member!
As an iCoins member you get fabulous discounts on games! And now, with our new iCoins to Opals offer you have an even bigger reason to sign up!!

Spend your iCoins on games OR spend your iCoins on Opals! The choice is yours!

Now you’re probably wondering, “How do I turn my iCoins into Opals?” Well, it’s quite simple! First you have to be an iCoins member. If you’re not, this is the perfect time to sign up!

As an iCoins member you get 1000 iCoins a month! And you have the ability to use them any way you like.

Don’t have any more iCoins? Not a problem! You can now purchase iCoins and directly turn them into Opals!!

iCoins are exchanged for Opals on a 1 iCoin to 1 Opal basis. Here’s how:

Simply click on the orange plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner of the Hotel (if you are short on Opals to complete a purchase you will be given the prompt as well).

A new window will pop up that looks like this:

Click on the “USE ICOINS” button.

You will then be presented with a new window.

You will have a choice of:

*500 iCoins for 500 Opals.

*1000 iCoins for 1000 Opals.

*1500 iCoins for 1500 Opals.

*2000 iCoins for 2000 Opals.

Once you have made your selection, the new balance should be reflected in your balance total in the upper right hand corner. You can buy all the Opals you want and finally be able to build the room of your dreams!

Please note that any exchanges of iCoins for Opals are not reversible.

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With Father’s Day this weekend, we thought it would be nice if you were able to take your Dad out to dinner. Dad even has a choice, if he would like a fancy meal out, or a fast fun meal at home.

For those who like to stay in, why not order a Pizza! It’s fast, easy, and oh so tasty! You can enjoy time with the kids, and let them play with their Messy Kids Toys. There’s no need to worry about them disrupting dinner. They can even act like little monkeys. And if you don’t have kids, now you can have your own pet Monkey! This little fellow is quite the handful! But oh how funny he can be. As fun as a barrel full of monkeys!

However, pizza is far from fancy. If you want to go out and celebrate Dad, how about taking him out for a nice steak dinner? I hear there’s a nice Beach Cabana restaurant where they sell wonderful steak dinners. I hear they even allow Monkeys in the restaurant! They have some pretty strange décor though. Punching Bags hang from the ceiling and Mounted Sailboats hang on the walls. All the tables are extremely classy however; you sit down to a lovely Place Setting, on an antique table. Such fine china plates and real silver silverware! And if you don’t want steak, you should at least try out the Beach Cabana restaurant’s homemade beer. They have their own little brewery in back, with a great Beer on their Beer Tap. Get a Beer Mug full, and enjoy your dinner!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! And remember, you can tell us about your favorite Father’s Day memory in this week’s iWin Weekly Contest!

Beer Mug Hobby
Beach Cabana Background Backgrounds
Mounted Sailboat Wall Objects
Punching Bag Hobby

This sale ends on Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Pizza Hobby
Steak Dinner Hobby
Place Setting Décor
Place Setting – Back Décor
Beer Tap Appliances
Monkey Pets
Messy Kids Toys Hobby

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The ‘iWin Weekly Contest’ this week is ‘Father’s Day Memories’! We did this contest for the Moms, and it’s time to give Dads their shot. This contest is done through the forums, and all entries must be submitted as forum posts. This week, to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Father’s Day our contest is a short story, kept to 500 words or less. The staff at iWin will vote on their favorite story, and then that contestant will have 3000 Opals awarded to their account!

To enter this contest, tell us about your happiest Father’s Day memory. It can be from when you were a child, or if you have children it could be a happy Father’s Day spent with them. Father’s Day is about anyone that was a Father figure in your life; it does not have to be about your biological father.

You will have until next Tuesday at 10am PST to submit your entries. And each person can enter twice, just in case they enter and then remember another special moment later. But more than 2 entries will disqualify you. However, please feel free to edit your posts and make corrections if need be.

For our official contest rules please go here!

This contest will end next Tuesday at 10am PST.
Contests are done each Wednesday. The contest is closed on Tuesday at 10am, so that we have time to go through all of the entries. The winners and new contest are then posted on Wednesday afternoon / evening.

As for last week’s contest, we had over 950 entries! This was our biggest contest yet!

The following 10 people have won a copy of Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces for the iPhone!
They will be receiving an email with their winning codes later today, so that they can get their copy of Jojo’s! Please note these codes are only valid for 4 weeks from today. So make sure you use them before they expire! Once you have the game, the product is indefinite.


Violet – violet1975
Alyssa – anh1393
Dmitriy – dkunin
Karen – brinch123
Leslie – LeslieD007
Melissa – mkw021159
Susan – xraymama
Moni – TokyoTron
A’nna – Azihah
Kim – KimberlyAnne

Thank you everyone who entered! It was wonderful to see this many people interested in winning a copy of Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces for the iPhone! Since this contest was such a hit we will try to do more contests for free games in the future.

To enter this week’s contest, or make comments please go HERE

It’s the week before Father’s Day! So it’s time to start getting things ready for Dad!
If you’re a father, if you want to thank your significant other, or if you want to celebrate your own father figure, this is the week to do so!

To start off our Father’s Day appreciation, we have some great ‘I love Dad’ shirts! As well as a nice Father’s Day sticker. The sticker is only for a limited time, so if you want this for your sticker collection, now is the time to grab it!

Fathers do a lot of different jobs. Some work outside, and some work inside in an office. Today we are releasing our Office Space Background, along with a nice new Water Cooler. What better place to gather around and discuss all the great things you have planned for Father’s Day? And of course you have to dress the part, so we have a nice new Work Shirt and Tie for all those office men out there. But Dad’s office is anything but boring. Not with that great new Large Aquarium he has. Those fish are almost hypnotic to watch. What a great way to relax when the day is stressful?

After work, when your Father gets home, you can enjoy some together time swinging your new Baseball Bat and Ball around. It seems like a great way to end a hard day of work.

But wait, that’s not all! We also have some great sales for Dad! You remember that post card you got from Hawaii? Well now you can go there yourself with the Hawaiian Sun Background on sale for 50% off! And there’s tons of fun things to do in Hawaii. Grab your new Classic Motorcycle that you got on sale for 50% and cruise around the island. You can go Bowling with your Red Bowling Ball you got on sale, or play some Air Hockey on the new Table you got! There’s even a super comfortable place to sit with your new Big Brown Couch you got on sale. Just perfect for a guy’s get away room!

Speaking of get away rooms, check out this great room from spineasy! How about your very own indoor pool? Check out spineasy’s indoor pool HERE for this week’s ‘Room of the Week!’ A lot of people have been really creative with the new glass blocks and bricks. Here was just one of many great examples I’ve seen! And just another example of how creative you can be with creating illusions in perception! Nice job spineasy!

Hawaiian Sun Background Backgrounds
Red Bowling Ball Hobby
Classic Motorcycle Hobby
Air Hockey Table Hobby
Big Brown Couch Sofas

This sale ends on Friday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

I Love Dad Shirt Tops (male)
I Love Dad Top Tops (female)
Work Shirt and Tie Tops (male)
Office Space Background Backgrounds
Water Cooler Appliances
Large Aquarium Other Furniture
Baseball and Bat Hobby
Father’s Day Sticker Stickers

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What was that bright light in the sky? Did you see it? I think that was a UFO.

That’s right, Aliens have invaded Hotel iWin! Don’t worry though! They aren’t here to kidnap us, or take over our planet. Actually, they are really quite friendly, even Pals! All they want are our Beanbag Chairs! Space travel can be very uncomfortable. They really want some place comfortable to sit on their long journey. And with a great color selection of Beanbag Chairs, they have that. They can choose from a Green Beanbag Chair, Blue Beanbag Chair, or Red Beanbag Chair.

After you help the Alien Guy and Gal out with their seating arrangements, they offer to bring you back to their planet. Timidly you agree, and put on your Astronaut Suit. They even let you bring your dog. He doesn’t have an Astronaut Suit though. Hmm… maybe the Scuba suit will work. It has air too, that counts right? You cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You board their space ship, and the ship takes off past the Moon Surface. The Earth is so far away, it looks like a Sticker in the Starry Sky. Once you’re past the moon, the ship starts speeding up. The speed pushes you far back into the Beanbag Chair. After what seems to be a few hours the ship starts slowing down. The Alien Pals let you know that you’ve arrived. You get off the ship and step out onto the strange new planet. The Alien Landscape is odd, pink grass grows wildly. The blue balloon trees sway back and forth as if there was a breeze, yet there doesn’t seem to be the slightest wind. However, what’s truly amazing is the Alien Horizon. You’re blown away by the beauty of this sky. The colors are like a permanent sunset, with the shadow of a huge nearby planet looking over head. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Earth Sticker Stickers
Moon Surface Landscape Landscapes
Starry Sky Horizon Landscapes
Apollo Astronaut Suit Costumes (female)
Astronaut Space Suit Costumes (male)
Scuba Dog Pets

This sale ends on Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Alien Guy Pals
Alien Gal Pals
Alien Landscape Landscapes
Alien Horizon Landscapes
Green Beanbag Chair Chairs
Blue Beanbag Chair Chairs
Red Beanbag Chair Chairs

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