May 2009

We have a tie!! At 6pm PST the poll showed Msshay26 and JAM174 tied with 26 votes each! So you BOTH will be receiving 5000 Opals!! Congratulations!!

But that’s not the only tie! We also had a 2nd place tie! Hartoglass, gweduck, and sumchik83 are tied at 15 votes for 2nd place! You will all be receiving 4000 Opals!!

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, we also have a 3rd place tie!! Gloryous, sophidia, and DexGypMom all have 10 votes! You will each be receiving 3000 Opals.

And just so the other two (sarahJ30 and wattikins) don’t feel totally left out, I’d like to give them both a 1000 Opals as a ‘thank you for entering’.

I also have 5 funny runners up this week. These are the rooms that made me smile or laugh, and I thought that I should reward such cute humor. Each of the following people will be receiving 1000 Opals! Check out their funny rooms below!






It was a very close poll! But at 6pm PST, the poll showed:

Vote for the best ‘Dream Garden’!
• Msshay26 (18%, 26 Votes)
• JAM174 (18%, 26 Votes)
• Hartoglass (10%, 15 Votes)
• sumchik83 (10%, 15 Votes)
• gweduck (10%, 15 Votes)
• Gloryous (7%, 10 Votes)
• sophidia (7%, 10 Votes)
• DexGypMom (7%, 10 Votes)
• sarahJ30 (6%, 9 Votes)
• wattikins (6%, 8 Votes)
Total Voters: 144

Opals will be awarded later tonight! So keep an eye on your Opal balances!

Please remember to enter this weeks contest ‘Custom Expressions’!! The grand prize is 10,000 Opals!! For more details click here!

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Happy Friday! This has been quite a busy week with the new releases. And we have even more great Hotel items for you today!

To keep with the theme of this week’s contest we are releasing some great ‘decoration’ pieces! I’d love to see some more pictures using Custom Frames in the contest for best ‘Custom Expressions’ room! For more information about the contest please click here!

So put on your new Pink Striped Shirt or the Colorful Striped Shirt and get to work decorating for your grand opening of the new art exhibit. The Greek Tall Vase and Greek Teardrop Vases will look lovely in front of the new Art Deco Railing. Talk about mixing the old with the new!

And with your new glass blocks, you can build just about anything you can think of! These could come in very handy! Build walls, build windows, build shelves! Even build your own custom display table for your new Prized Statue to sit on. Everyone wants to win an award now and then right? With this Prized Statue you can now practice your acceptance speech in the mirror.

To keep the theme going, we have some great sales for you today as well. Keep the decorations going with a Beethoven Bust. I’m sure he’s got something clever to say! Cherubs always look so sweet, but perhaps his thoughts aren’t quite as nice. The Ming Urn is just beautiful, and the Antique Radio can play quite a few stations still! I wonder what’s playing now! And last, but certainly not least, we have the Hairless Cat. If you’re going to have an art exhibit you can’t have any cat hair floating around, getting on the rare paintings or décor! So this Hairless Cat lets you have all the joys of a pet, without the worry!

You have a few more hours until the contest poll for the best ‘Dream Garden’ room is closed. Get your votes in now!! Go to the blog, and check the right side of the page!

Beethoven Bust Décor
Cherub Statuette Décor
Ming Urn Décor
Antique Radio Appliances
Hairless Cat Pets


This sale ends on Tuesday around noon PST. So get your sale items today!

Here are the new items we have for you today:

Prized Statue Décor
Greek Tall Vase Décor
Greek Teardrop Vase Décor
Art Deco Railing Décor
Glass Block Décor
Pink Striped Shirt Tops (female)
Colorful Striped Shirt Tops (female)


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The iWin Weekly Contest this week is ‘Custom Expressions’. Design a Hotel iWin room, with the new ‘Custom Expression’ objects to create the best room you can. We are looking to see some creativity with all the new ‘Custom Expression’ items! The grand prize for the best ‘Custom Expressions’ room will win 10,000 Opals! We are upping the prize amount this week, since we really want to see how creative people can be with these great new Custom objects to express themselves!

There is no Opal limit this week, so feel free to create as grand a room as you like!

To enter, create a Hotel room and decorate it with a ‘Custom Expressions’ theme. Once you’ve finished creating your room, post a reply on the forums with your floor number.

You may enter twice according to the rules listed here.
But beware, entering more than twice will disqualify you from the contest.

This contest will end next Tuesday at 10am PST. So hurry and start working on your ‘Custom Expressions’ room! The winner will be announced next Wednesday afternoon.

As stated last week, for the ‘Dream Garden’ contest, we are allowing you the players to pick our Grand Prize winner out of our top 10 selected gardens! You will find a poll on the side of the blog. Please go there and vote for your favorite room! We will then award whoever has the highest votes on Friday the 27th! We will be announcing the Grand Prize winner as well as any runner up prizes next Friday afternoon.

Here are the rooms to pick from:

1. wattikins

2. gweduck

3. Hartoglass

4. sumchik83

5. sarahJ30

6. JAM174

7. Gloryous

8. sophidia

9. DexGypMom

10. Msshay26


If you haven’t noticed yet, we did a big release today! Here are some of the new features:

1. Updated Friends List – You can now have up to 250 friends on your friends list. And, we have added multiple pages for your friends list to accommodate such a large number of friends. Each page will contain 25 different friends. If you look at the very bottom of your friends list you will now see little arrows at the bottom. These will allow you to scroll through the different pages of friends!

2. Updated Message Board – Just like the Friends List, you can now have 250 messages stored on your Message Board. There are 25 messages per page, and you will find little arrows at the bottom of your Message Board as well to scroll through the pages.

3. iCoins for Opals – You can now ‘trade’ iCoins directly for Opals. This is an even bigger reason to sign up to be an iCoins member! If you have 1000 iCoins, you now have a choice! You can buy a game, or you can turn those 1000 iCoins directly into 1000 Opals. If you’ve used up your iCoins, you can now purchase more, and have them turn directly into Opals. This allows players a way to purchase Opals directly through iWin without having to go through any third-party vendors. To buy Opals with iCoins press the + sign next to your Opal total in your Hotel room, or go to any store and press the ‘Get More Opals’ button.

4. 500 Opals for Purchasing Games – Purchasing a game, including iCoins games, will give players 500 Opals on purchase! The game must be worth 250 iCoins ($4.99) and up to receive 500 Opals with your purchase. You may purchase the same game again, and receive another 500 Opals. The 500 Opals per game award will NOT go toward your 720 Opals daily cap.

5. Custom Expressions – New to Hotel iWin, introducing Custom Expressions!

          a. Custom Frames – Upload your own photos into picture frames for your walls! Show off your friends, family, or favorite pet! These can be found in the ‘Décor and Hobby’ store under ‘Wall Objects’. Create your own wall art master pieces!

          b. Custom Chat Bubbles – Have your character, or any object say something with our new Custom Chat Bubbles! For just a few Opals you can have your avatar say a funny quote, or a welcome message. These can be found in the ‘Décor and Hobby’ store under ‘Décor’. The chat bubbles can hold up to 140 characters, and are editable. So feel free to update your room daily with a new message!

          c. Custom Magical Portal Doors – Custom Magical Portal doors are a way to link directly to other users, or external URLs. You’ll have the option to add a person that’s on your friends list to the Magic Portal door, or even send people to your personal home page! These can be found in the ‘Décor and Hobby’ store under ‘Wall Objects’.

          d. Custom Text for Items – Click on any object in your Hotel room, and choose ‘Edit’. You’ll find the ‘Edit’ button the same way you would if you were going to ‘Flip’ an object. Once you click ‘Edit’ you can add custom text. After the text is added, you can then hover your mouse over the object to see what it says. Add text to any object in your room! Leave hidden clues for people to find!

6. Different Hats per Floor – You asked for it, you got it! You can now wear a different hat on each floor of the Hotel. Your face image that appears on other people’s friend’s lists or message boards will be of the last room you saved. Wear a cowboy hat in the garden, but keep your hat off indoors. You now have that choice!

7. Live Chat Removed – We have removed the live chat feature at this time. It wasn’t as popular as we hoped it would be, so we are looking for other ways for players to communicate with each other in the future.

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Today we have some really new and exciting items for you! iWin is proud to announce a new way to customize your room! With iWin Custom ‘Expressions’ a player is able to upload their own images to create their own pictures inside the Hotel room with Custom Frames! Upload images of your friends, family, or favorite pet! Want to create your own art over the fireplace mantle? Now you can! Want to create your own window out into the world with an image of your backyard? That works too! But that’s not all; players can also create Custom Messages for their character to say with Custom ‘Chat Bubbles’! A unique word balloon will appear over the avatar’s head, where you can welcome guests into your room, or tell them a little about yourself! Be the comedian you always dreamed of and add your favorite joke. The possibilities are endless! For just a few Opals anyone can add their favorite quote or saying to their avatar!
Also, link people to your personal website, or just a favorite website from your Hotel room. With our new Custom ‘Magic Portal’ doors in Hotel iWin you can send players directly to other links. You can even link your other Hotel iWin rooms! Want to pretend your Hotel friend is your neighbor in Hotel iWin, just link her room and be magically ported to them through our new doors!

With so many new ways to customize your Hotel room, you can truly design the Hotel iWin room of your dreams! 

If you have any trouble using our new Custom Expressions, please click here for our ‘How To’ guide.

It’s almost like your very own art gallery! Click on the Link Door and enter the newest art exhibit in town! Walk past the Silver and Gold Vertical Frames on the left, and note the Silver and Gold Horizontal Frames on the right. This art exhibit is amazing, and now you can tell the world with your very own Speech Bubble! They have other fine art objects placed on Pedestals around the room. Everything seems to be for sale, even the Pedestals themselves! The carpet even changes from room to room. The classic paintings are hung above a Persian Gold Rug, and the modern art is above a Modern Red Rug. You can even buy the rugs on sale for your own home!

This week’s Room of the Week is just a lovely room! Sophidia has created her very own art work, before we even had Custom Expressions! Check out her imaginative way to create her very own paintings HERE! It’s amazing how creative people are with Hotel iWin items! Who would have thought a bead curtain could make items look just like art! I was quite impressed! Great job Sophida!

Pedestal Décor
Persian Gold Rug Floor Objects
Modern Red Rug Floor Objects


This sale only lasts until Friday around noon PST however. So get yours today before this great sale ends!!

Here is what we have for you today:

Silver Vertical Frame Wall Objects
Gold Vertical Frame Wall Objects
Silver Horizontal Frame Wall Objects
Gold Horizontal Frame Wall Objects
Link Door Wall Objects
Speech Bubble Décor


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Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. While it’s a great three day weekend, it’s also a day of remembrance. So please take some time this weekend and keep those in your thoughts who have given their lives. We have quite a few new items today in remembrance of who have fought, and those who are still fighting.

Start off this Memorial Day with a hearty American Breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Your pet Golden Retriever looks up at you with big begging puppy dog eyes, hoping to get your leftovers. You throw him a tiny piece of bacon, and wish him a happy Memorial Day before you start decorating. You have the get your house ready for the BBQ you’re having later in the afternoon. You decide to put up a large American Flag on your kitchen wall, and more around the house.

Hmm… that’s a good start, but it needs more! I know, how about adding some stickers? A nice Yellow Troops Ribbon or a Memorial Day Sticker will top it all off. Now to get into costume, you decide it will be fun to greet your guests with an Army Helmet on!

The BBQ goes late into the afternoon, but when the last guest has left you decide to see if you can hit some last minute Memorial Holiday Sales. You heard there was an ‘Appliance Blowout Sale’ going on, and can’t wait for your chance to get that new Stainless Steel Refrigerator you’ve been drooling over for sometime now. It’s usually 5000 Opals, but with this sale, it’s only 1250 Opals!! Sales like this don’t come along very often! There’s also a great Washing Machine and Clothes Dryer on sale. As well as a Gas Stove, and a Cappuccino Machine. This sale only lasts until Tuesday around noon PST however. So get yours today before this great sale ends!!

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Appliances
Gas Stove Appliances
Washing Machine Appliances
Clothes Dryer Appliances
Cappuccino Machine Appliances


Here is what we have for you today:

Army Guy Helmet Hats (male)
Army Girl Helmet Hats (female)
American Breakfast Décor
Yellow Troops Ribbon Stickers
Memorial Day Sticker Stickers
American Flag Wall Objects
Golden Retriever Pets


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Hi everybody!

I thought it would be fun to talk about the stuff we do for fun when we’re not playing games.

Do you have any hobbies?  Do you craft, bake, paint, birdwatch?  When you have free time, what do you do that’s just for you?

If you’ve read my blogateer bio, you know that I crochet, and that I have a sad and terrible yarn addiction.  Here is the devestating photographic evidence.

And that photo was taken shortly after I had put up the shelf, it’s not nearly that tidy any more!

I haven’t gotten around to make anything as complex as a piece of clothing yet, I actually can’t stand to follow patterns, but I’ve made scarves, hats, a couple blankets and some amigurumi critters.

The biggest project I’ve done was a silk afghan I made for my best friends’ wedding present.  It took 3 1/2 months, but was totally worth it because they absolutely loved it.

Of course the moment I pinned it out to block (shape) it, there was a cat on it.

There, I’ve shared, now I’d love to hear from you, and I’d really love to see some pictures!  I’ve started a forum topic where we can discuss and post pics of our master works.

Click Here to go to the Hobby Forum!

The iWin Weekly Contest this week is ‘Dream Garden’. Design a Hotel iWin room, with plants to create the best garden you can! The grand prize for the best ‘Dream Garden’ room will win 5000 Opals!

There is no Opal limit this week, so feel free to create as grand a garden as you like!

To enter, create a Hotel room and decorate it with a garden theme. Once you’ve finished creating your garden, post a reply on the forums with your floor number.

You may enter twice according to the rules listed here.
But beware, entering more than twice will disqualify you from the contest.

This contest will end next Tuesday at 10am PST. So hurry and start working on your ‘Dream Garden’!

And here’s a twist! The top 10 gardens will be put up in a poll, and you the players will choose who will be number one!

As for last weeks contest, I was blown away by the amount of people that created ‘budget’ rooms! This was an extremely tough contest to pick from. Wonderful job everyone! I had to take the top 10 rooms and have other iWin employees vote to help me choose, it was such a tough choice!

So our grand prize, 5000 Opals winner this week is elderrock!! Congratulations! Her 6th floor green room shows how lovely you can make a room with only 995 Opals, and it’s got that creative flare of creating your own space. The people of iWin were very impressed! So you’ll be getting a bump in your Opal total very soon!! Click to see her lovely budget room here!

I also want to award 3 ‘You made me laugh’ runner up awards, of 1000 Opals to the following people. These rooms were just wacky, and had me laughing out loud, to the point that my co-workers were giving me funny looks.


The Opals will be awarded later today, so keep an eye on your Opals balance.

Thank you everyone who entered! It was truly a wonderful chance to see how creative everyone was! I look forward to seeing the entries for this weeks contest!

To enter this weeks contest, or make comments please go HERE!

We have quite the selection of new items for you today!

Well sit back and relax in your new Office Swivel Chair and rest your tired eyes. Your Pet Iguana sleeps peacefully on a Hay Bale bed over in the corner. He looks so peaceful, I wonder what he’s dreaming about.

You can’t help but shut your eyes and join him in the land of dreams. Your mind wanders and you find yourself floating in a Heavenly Background. A Snowman comes up to you and asks you to pick a Bowling Ball. Do you want the Red Bowling Ball or the Blue one? You point at the red one, and suddenly it becomes a red Fire Hydrant.

The Fire Hydrant starts spraying and fills up a Cedar Hot Tub. Inside you see a Toy Robot swimming around. But you can’t go in; otherwise you’ll get your Wizard Robe wet!

You wake up startled as your Pet Iguana runs past your legs. You laugh to yourself, that was one of the strangest dreams you’ve had in long time.

Speaking of dreams, this room is quite the dream room! Check out papabunny’s Baby Bunny Ranch! It is like a baby bunny dream come true. The baby bunny in the infant swing is my favorite part!! So congratulations on this week’s Room of the Week! Check out this room, and ALL of his bunny rooms HERE!

Cedar Hot Tub Other Furniture
Snowman Pals
Fire Hydrant Décor
Wizard Robe Costumes (male)
Heavenly Background Backgrounds


This sale ends Friday around noon PST. So hurry and get your items today!!

Here is what we have for you today:

Pet Iguana Pets
Hay Bale Beds
Office Swivel Chair Chairs
Office Swivel Chair – Back Chairs
Toy Robot Hobby
Red Bowling Ball Hobby
Blue Bowling Ball Hobby


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Hi Everybody,

Here at iWin, we’re always trying new ways to save you money, and this week we’re doing a daily  Short Sale!

Every weekday we’re selling a hot new game for 50% off, but only for 3 Hours, so you gotta be quick!

Visit the iWin.com homepage May 18th – May 22nd between 4pm and 7pm (Pacific) and see what great game we have for sale that day.

The daily sale will only last for those 3 hours… after that, the game goes back to being full-price  Make sure you come and visit and don’t miss out on this huge event.

Go to the iWin Homepage!

It’s sort of like one of those doorbuster sales, but from the comfort of your own home, and with a lot less shoving.  Well, I guess there could be shoving, but that’s between you and your family.  And I would NEVER make anyone get up early to save money.  It goes against everything I believe in.

The iWin 3 Hour Short Sale looks like this:

Not this!

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