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Oh my, a tie!!

We have a tie!! At 6pm PST the poll showed Msshay26 and JAM174 tied with 26 votes each! So you BOTH will be receiving 5000 Opals!! Congratulations!! But that’s not the only tie! We also had a 2nd place tie! Hartoglass, gweduck, and sumchik83 are tied at 15 votes for 2nd place! You will all […]


Day at the Gallery

Happy Friday! This has been quite a busy week with the new releases. And we have even more great Hotel items for you today! To keep with the theme of this week’s contest we are releasing some great ‘decoration’ pieces! I’d love to see some more pictures using Custom Frames in the contest for best […]

Win 10000 Opals in the ‘Custom Expressions’ Contest!

The iWin Weekly Contest this week is ‘Custom Expressions’. Design a Hotel iWin room, with the new ‘Custom Expression’ objects to create the best room you can. We are looking to see some creativity with all the new ‘Custom Expression’ items! The grand prize for the best ‘Custom Expressions’ room will win 10,000 Opals! We […]

Release Day!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we did a big release today! Here are some of the new features: 1. Updated Friends List – You can now have up to 250 friends on your friends list. And, we have added multiple pages for your friends list to accommodate such a large number of friends. Each page […]

Create Custom Pictures!

Today we have some really new and exciting items for you! iWin is proud to announce a new way to customize your room! With iWin Custom ‘Expressions’ a player is able to upload their own images to create their own pictures inside the Hotel room with Custom Frames! Upload images of your friends, family, or […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. While it’s a great three day weekend, it’s also a day of remembrance. So please take some time this weekend and keep those in your thoughts who have given their lives. We have quite a […]

So What Do You Like To Do?

Hi everybody! I thought it would be fun to talk about the stuff we do for fun when we’re not playing games. Do you have any hobbies?  Do you craft, bake, paint, birdwatch?  When you have free time, what do you do that’s just for you? If you’ve read my blogateer bio, you know that […]

Win 5000 Opals in the ‘Dream Garden’ Contest!

The iWin Weekly Contest this week is ‘Dream Garden’. Design a Hotel iWin room, with plants to create the best garden you can! The grand prize for the best ‘Dream Garden’ room will win 5000 Opals! There is no Opal limit this week, so feel free to create as grand a garden as you like! […]

Strange Dreams

We have quite the selection of new items for you today! Well sit back and relax in your new Office Swivel Chair and rest your tired eyes. Your Pet Iguana sleeps peacefully on a Hay Bale bed over in the corner. He looks so peaceful, I wonder what he’s dreaming about. You can’t help but […]

5 Days of Short Sales

Hi Everybody, Here at iWin, we’re always trying new ways to save you money, and this week we’re doing a daily  Short Sale! Every weekday we’re selling a hot new game for 50% off, but only for 3 Hours, so you gotta be quick! Visit the homepage May 18th – May 22nd between 4pm […]

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