April 2009

Did you hear about the super sale? Well let me tell you! We have 5 different items on sale today! That’s right, five! Each from a different category to mix it up, that way there can be something for everyone!

So let’s go shopping! Head on over to the dress shop and note that beautiful Greek Dress in the window. The sale tag on it says it’s only 50 Opals! Wow, but not only is the dress on sale, the Dress Making Dummy it’s displayed on is also for sale for only 100 Opals!

Then let’s head over to the lighting shop. So many choices, but that Blue Wall Sconce happens to catch your eye. Oh what luck it’s on sale as well! It’s only 25 Opals? Well that’s practically a steal! Coming out of the lighting shop, across the way you see the pet shop. In the window there’s a cute little rat. Oh my, it seems there was quite a big rat litter, and they are on sale. You’ve always wanted a rat, and now with them 50% off you can’t hold back!

Dress Making Dummy Hobby
Greek Dress Costumes – Female
Fall Beauty Background Backgrounds
Blue Wall Sconce Lighting
Pet Rat Pets


This sale will end Friday at around noon PST. Hurry and get your sale items today!

Phew, what a day, so much shopping done. You didn’t forget it was your anniversary did you? Time to head home and enjoy a nice quiet evening. The Dining Table is set, and two Dining Chairs are at the table. It’s even lit by candle light! The Candle in a Jar softly glows giving the room a lovely mood. After a wonderful meal you decide it’s time to exchange gifts. Your Kissing Wife (or Husband) bought you a Drum Set! They remembered how you always wanted to learn to play. And you bought them a lovely new Clothes Dryer. No more hanging clothes to dry; now you get those clothes coming out of the dryer all soft and warm.

Speaking of lovely dining rooms, check out jottiejr’s lovely room! He’s this weeks room of the week!! He’s all dressed up for dinner with some lovely roses on the table. This just proves that there are some great male decorators out there as well! I love seeing such a variety of people using the Hotel! You can check out his room HERE!

Here is what we have for you today:

Drum Set Hobby
Clothes Dryer Appliances
Dining Table Tables
Dining Chair Chairs
Dining Chair – Back Chairs
Candle in a Jar Décor
Wife Kissing – Tan Pals
Wife Kissing – Dark Pals
Wife Kissing – Saffron Pals


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After a few long weeks of gardening, you’re tired, you need a break. You’re too tired to even change out of your new Gardener outfit. You drag your husband out to the little international café down the street. It’s kind of a hole in the wall place, with a couple World Maps pasted to the walls, and an old Tube TV blasting from the corner. But it’s a nice change of scenery! Your husband tells you he’ll grab a table, while you go and get the coffee.

After a little while of waiting in line, it’s your finally your turn. You grab the coffee and turn around to find your Hubby Napping at the Café Table, almost slipping out of his Café Chair. But who can blame him? Gardening can be very hard work!

So you put the coffee down and head on over to the pool table in the corner. What’s this? There’s a for sale sign on it!? That’s right, the pool table is for sale! It’s only 750 Opals! That’s 70% off the normal store price! Well you just can’t pass up a deal like that!

Pool Table Hobby

The pool table will only be on sale until Tuesday around noon PST. Be sure to get yours today!
Here is what we have for you today:

World Map Wall Objects
Gardener Gal Costume Costumes
Gardener Guy Costume Costumes
Tube TV Appliances
Tube TV – Back Appliances
Café Chair Chairs
Café Chair – Back Chairs
Café Table Tables
Hubby Napping – Tan Pals
Hubby Napping – Dark Pals
Hubby Napping – Saffron Pals


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Do you find yourself window shopping cool items at iWin hotel and need that extra boost in Opals? Do you run out of time, trying to reach the Opals cap? Is your Hotel room not as lavish as you wish? Beyond gaming your way to Opals, there are now additional, easy means of acquiring that extra number of Opals to get you where you need to be and owning what you desire. iWin Opal Offers.

You can get to the iWin Opals Offers by going into your iWin Hotel room, HERE! Once you sign in, go to any store by clicking ‘Shop for Stuff’. 

On the right side of your screen you will see the ‘Shopping List’. At the bottom of the page, above the ‘Buy’ button you will see the button that says ‘Get More Opals’. Clicking this button will lead you to the iWin Offers Page! iWin Opal Offers allow you to earn Opals two different ways. Whether you are on the go or busy with life, simply use your cell phone to raise your Opal count. We have partnered up with Zong™ to make it easy to get exactly the number of Opals that you want, billed directly and conveniently to your cell phone. Fast, easy, and secure, it’s the ideal way for those who work hard and want to kick back at the end of the day.

The second way to use iWin Opals Offers is to try some of our existing partner offers! For this way to stacking your Opal tally, we have joined forces with a number of recognized partners, merchants, and service providers to give you access to more than 25 ways to earning even more Opals for free. These offers involve normal everyday activities that will award you extra Opals and have you styling in no time. There is an iWin Offer for everyone; movie buffs, sun worshippers, book lovers, coffee aficionados, health enthusiasts, sports-nuts, road warriors, and gadget maniacs. As an added bonus, some offers even allow you to take surveys, win prizes and get free stuff! How cool is that?

iWin Opal Offers: the time effective, easy way to get more Opals. More bling for your buck, and more style for your room. iWin Opal Offers.

And if you run into any trouble along the way, please feel free to check our great support Knowledge Base located HERE and search for the word ‘offers’.

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It’s Earth Day, and I wanted to do something to celebrate other than renew my car registration, which I did…On the very last day it’s due.

Honestly?  There’s never  a very high “yay” factor with any DMV related task.

So instead we’re offering one of my very favorite games,  Garden Defense, for only 100 iCoins or .99 cents for cash purchases!  No coupon codes, just put it in your cart and buy it.

Garden Defense was designed and created by everyone’s other favorite iWin Blogateer Andy.

Kate left a comment asking, “when are we gonna be treated to the patented Megowan wit, charm and hilarity?”,  and Garden Defense has that in spades!  Get it?  In spades?  With the gardening…sorry.

Seriously, you should check it out, it’s a really fun game, and at that price it’s a steal!


We also released a very fun “green themed” game today called Plan It Green.

It’s very similar to Build-a-lot, but instead of fixing up houses to sell and make money, you’re making houses and businesses more energy efficient, and reviving a downtrodden town.

Remember, you can save 8 gallons of water a day just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.

Happy Earth Day!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! I mentioned it last week, but we have a few more ‘green’ items for you today to help show support for the Earth! You know the Earth is truly a beautiful place, sometimes we have to get out in nature to remember just how magnificent it can be. How about a lovely walk in the forest to enjoy some of nature’s beauty? With the new Forest Background you can do just that! Those huge trees sure make you feel tiny standing next to them!
If you can’t get out to the forest, why not bring the forest to you? Remember that pine cone you picked up on your walk through the woods? Well planting a few seeds have yielded your very own potted pine tree! Take good care of it, but remember if it gets too big it will be best to plant it back outside!
If you enjoy your indoor garden, we have an even larger selection of plant pots for you, and a great new Plant Stand as well! Now you can pick from the Square Terracotta Pot, the Rectangular Terracotta Pot and the Ceramic Pot!

Earth Day is an important reminder to try and help keep the Earth a better place, and who are we doing it for? Well the children of course. Our very own Little Angels. We want to make sure they have clean air to brethe, and clean water to drink, so we have to make sure to do our parts! And make sure the earth is a green and wonderful place for them!

Now it may seem scary, but sometimes when you have trees, you have to trim their branches. And when you have big trees, those branches can get pretty big. Well, this week we have the Chainsaw on sale! And with the rock bottom price of only 25 Opals how can you pass up a deal like this!?

Chainsaw Hobby

Quite a few people were mentioning MrsCandi17’s new kitchen. So I had to go and check it out for myself! And I must say I’m quite impressed. What a creative use of items, and she has her own little window garden! So by popular demand this weeks room of the week is by MrsCandi17! You can check out her truly lovely kitchen HERE!

To organize things a bit more, we are going to be moving all of our commenting to the forums. It will be easier to read through them and get everyone’s thoughts and ideas if they are all located in one place. Therefore, comments on the Hotel blogs are being turned off, but we still very much value your feedback! So please, come and post on the forums instead!

I’ll be linking directly to the forum post at the end of each blog, just to make it a little easier for everyone, too! So please go HERE for any comments you may wish to make!

Here is what we have for you today:

Forest Background Backgrounds
Potted Pine Tree Décor
Square Terra Cotta Pot Hobby
Rectangular Terra Cotta Pot Hobby
Plant Stand Hobby
Ceramic Pot Hobby
Our Little Angel – Tan Pals
Our Little Angel – Dark Pals
Our Little Angel – Saffron Pals


Spring fever continues here at iWin! Just when you thought your garden was done, you can now add Aster Plants, White Dahlia Plants, and Basil Plants to the mix! We even have a larger pot selection as well! Would you like a nice White Plant Pot, or perhaps a Small Rectangular Pot for the kitchen window. With a Rosemary Plant before, and a Basil Plant now, you have the makings of a small herb garden! We even have a Fancy Square Pot, for the more modern Hotel room for you as well!

With all these new plants and gardening equipment, we are sure helping to make the iWin world a ‘greener’ place! Did you know that Earth Day is next Wednesday? Now everyone can show their support for the earth with an Earth Sticker! We only have one planet, so we better take good care of it! There are such easy ways to help the earth that you can do everyday. Recycling is a big step! If you are a proud recycler you can now put up your Recycling Sticker to show your support.

Little Boys love playing in gardens too! Where else can you get your fingernails all dirty from digging up worms? Planting is such a great excuse to play in the dirt! But if the Little Boy gets tired of the outdoors, he can always go back inside and watch that new Plasma TV that you bought on sale! That’s right we heard a few of you wanting some sales outside of the gardening equipment, and here’s your chance to get that Plasma TV you’ve always wanted! Now for just 3750 Opals! Get yours today, the sale will end on Tuesday around noon PST! And if you don’t have enough Opals, remember we now have our “Get More Opals” button where you can participate in the iWin Opals Offers!

Plasma TV Appliances
Plasma TV – Back Appliances

I also wanted to make a quick note about the forums being live! The link ‘Go Places’ link was not working until late Tuesday, but you can now get there through the ‘Go Places’ tab or you can see them HERE! I have created a few starter topics, but feel free to create your own in the Games Chat or Hotel iWin Lobby sections! If you see someone ask a question, and you happen to know the answer please also feel free to help them out! The forums are there for players to be able to communicate and ask each other questions!
I will also be copying the blog posts to the forums so you can put comments there as well! One really great thing about the forums is you can see if your friends are online! You can also send them PM messages, so if you have something you need to tell them, that you don’t want the public to see, you now have a way to do so.

Here is what we have for you today:

Asters Plant Hobby
White Dahlia Plant Hobby
Basil Plant Hobby
White Plant Pot Hobby
Fancy Square Pot Hobby
Small Rectangular Pot Hobby
Earth Sticker Stickers
Recycling Sticker Stickers
Little Boy – Tan Pals
Little Boy – Dark Pals
Little Boy – Saffron Pals

When I was in elementary school, my Mom decided that there was such a thing as Watching Too Much Television.  It was true that I could easily gobble down several hours of TV after school.  Mostly, I watched CBS After School Specials, Krofft Superstars, and the kinds of programming that, as an adult, I can get away with calling “Classic” cartoons. So she limited me to 15 minutes per day in front of the TV set, then I could read as much as I like.  It’s a testament to the quality of childrens’ television programming in the 70’s that I didn’t even bother picking what to watch for that 15 minutes.  I got home, I watched stuff, and then I went to my room to read.

The habit of reading has stayed with me my entire life, and as an adult I have come to appreciate how it broadened my mind and improved my imagination.

On the other hand, my Mom also thought I played too many video games.  That was true, too.  Games challenged my reflexes, analytical skills, and—in the era of primitive graphics and sound—my imagination.  It’s a good thing that all that reading allowed me to learn how to make video games.  As an industry professional, I have earned back the countless dollars spent on video games as I grew up, and only occasionally surrender to fits of giggling that I turned this into a job!

It’s not all fun and (forgive me) games, though.  A new casual game requires thousands of decisions, both tiny and large, and the determination to see a dream become a reality.   In my case, I have lots of guidelines that I use to help me reach the finish line on each new adventure, and I discover new ones all the time.  But there’s one choice that I made several years ago which has influenced nearly every design decision: I will make games that my Mom and Dad will enjoy.

I think there are a few reasons behind this choice.  I know them better than any of my other customers, even when their tastes may differ from what marketing research says is “profitable”.  I can count on at least one sale—to my Mom and Dad—even though I always offer them my games for free.   It keeps us engaged and connected in spite of the thousand miles between Seattle and the house where I grew up.  And knowing that my parents will be playing the game keeps me on my best game-design behavior.

But then, there’s also something wickedly satisfying about getting Mom and Dad hooked on the very thing that worried them when I was a kid.

ADDENDUM: Just talked to my Mom, who corrected my memory about “TV Privileges”.  I was allowed a whole HOUR of TV.

Today is a big day at iWin! We have done a huge web site publish and have a lot of new and exciting things for you!

When you enter your Hotel iWin room you’ll see a new tab at the top of the page that says “Go Places”. That ‘Go Places’ tab will lead you to a lot of our new features, and I’m very excited to be able to tell you about each of them!

Staying in touch and communicating with your friends is what Hotel iWin is all about. We have added even more ways for you to connect with your friends at iWin. In addition to the hotel message boards, you can now try our new Chat system! You will be able to talk to your friends with real time instant chat! To see the new chat go HERE! or use our ‘Go Places’ tab inside Hotel iWin.

I have mentioned the new iWin forums before and they are still coming soon! The link through the ‘Go Places’ tab is not working quite yet, but we hope to get them working very soon! Please keep in mind that these forums are still in beta and we are working on new art to make them feel a little bit more “iWinish”. Stay tuned for more art upgrades to the forums in the near future!

Hotel iWin has been abuzz with talk of Opals lately, and as promised, our very first new ways to get Opals are here!! If you want your Opals, and you want them NOW, we have just the solution for you!! We are introducing our new iWin Opal Offers! Go to any Shop in Hotel iWin and see the “Get More Opals” button right above the “Buy” button. This button will allow you to get Opals in one of two ways. First, if you want Opals fast and easy, you can now purchase them using your cell phone. You want 500 Opals? Not a problem! Just click the cell phone icon and buy the Opals you desire! If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, how about surveys? We all love to give our opinions and you can now earn Opals for taking surveys, along with some other interesting offers! Check out the ‘Get More Opals’ button today and start building your very own dream room!

We have also done some remodeling work to the Hotel itself. Did you hear all those saws going and all those hammers pounding? Of course you didn’t! Our building team works quickly and quietly! Like magic, we have created the Online Party Game Room overnight! When you click the ‘Online Party Game Room’ you’ll be taken to a place where you can play multiplayer online games! These games are a great way for you to play games at iWin while still connecting with your friends! We’ll be adding even more games to our Online Party Game Room in the future when we get even more multiplayer games!

iWin Hotel is bustling and that’s a lot of great new stuff with a lot of great new ways to connect to other people! Speaking of people, let’s not forget our Room of the Week! This week we have a Hotel room that was submitted to us by Katia. This was another room that made me smile! It reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland! Flamingo Croquet indeed! See her room HERE! Nice work Katia!

And if anyone else out there wants to submit their room for a Room of the Week pick please feel free to post your room in the comments!!
If you have submitted your room already please don’t give up hope! We have had a lot of people post, and we can only showcase one room a week! Just because you haven’t been picked yet that doesn’t mean you won’t be picked in the future!

Well, gardening is back in full swing as was promised! And now, we have created a place for you to do all your gardening! The Unplanted Garden Background will be a great place to set up the garden of your dreams. And for those who still enjoy the inside plants instead, we have a whole new variety of pots for you! Was the Terracotta Pot last week not your style? Well how about kicking it up a notch with our Metal Pot, or our Woven Pot. We even have Plastic Round Pots and Plastic Square Pots for you as well! Don’t have enough space to put all your new plants? How about our new Potting Bench! Everything should fit there quite nicely! And you know who’s great at helping pick out their favorite new planting pot? Why Mommy’s best little helper, the Little Girl!

Today is also sale item day, and with such a huge new garden to take care of, a Weed Whacker will really come in handy. Today is your chance to get one for 50% off!! This sale will last until this Friday around noon PST, so hurry and get yours today!

Weed Whacker Hobby

Here is what we have for you today:

Plastic Round Pot Hobby
Plastic Square Pot Hobby
Metal Pot Hobby
Woven Pot Hobby
Potting Bench Hobby
Round Unplanted Garden Background Backgrounds
Little Girl – Tan Pals
Little Girl – Dark Pals
Little Girl – Saffron Pals

Happy Saturday everyone!

Just a quick reminder that this is the last weekend of the big 50% off sale.

Now through Tuesday, April 14th, enter coupon code BUNNY upon checkout to receive your cash purchase discount.

As always, backup CDs, online party games and already discounted iCoins purchases aren’t included in this offer.

You may have also noticed something…popping up…on the game download pages.  Something that looks suspiciously like an Easter egg, and you may have wondered to yourself, “Is that supposed to be there?”.

The answer is yes!  An Easter egg is exactly what it is, in more ways than one, and it’s very much intentional.   We’re just having a little fun with the holiday, and I encourage you to click on it.

iWin wishes everyone a happy belated Passover and early Easter!

With its pedals!

We have had a great response to the gardening items we’ve been putting out. And, since its spring, we have even more for you. I hope you have a green thumb!
Get ready to build yourself a new garden, or maybe add on to the one you already have growing! We have Hyacinth Plants, Orchid Plants, Rosemary Plants, and Rose Plants. We even have created cute new places for you to put all your new plants. A lovely Raised Flower Bed for that outside garden spot, and even some Round Terra Cotta Pots so you can enjoy your plants indoors as well! With all these new plants there will be lots of places to hide those Easter eggs!
However, this won’t be the end of the garden collection! We’ll have even more plants and garden items for you next week! Be sure to keep a spot of soil open! That way you’ll have room for the new plants that are on their way!

And how else do you plant all those great new flowers? Well you use a shovel of course! Our new sale item this week is the Shovel! And were making sure everyone will be able to own one, now just for the super low price of 25 Opals! That’s 75% off!! Get yours now, the sale only lasts until Tuesday around noon PST!

Shovel Hobby




Well if you don’t have a green thumb, maybe you can find a Pal that does. Husbands are usually good at getting their hands dirty, and take a lot of pride in keeping their lawns nice and green! Well, we have a veriety of new Hubby Kissing for you! Same kissy face, but with a whole new look. We want to make sure that all races are represented, so that everyone can feel comfortable representing their real or imaginary selves and family. This is just our very first batch of new Pals, more will be on the way very soon!

One exciting thing I wanted to talk to everyone about is that there will soon be new forums for iWin. While we had hoped it would be this week, there were a few glitches that have caused a small delay. Do keep in mind that the first release will be a beta, so we’ll be polishing things up as time goes on.
We hope that these forums will be out very soon! It will provide an even better environment for people to chat, and create their own threads and discussions! I’m really looking forward to it, so keep your fingers crossed.

In other news, while I know this may upset some of you, we will not be removing the Opals cap. The cap of 720 Opals a day is in place to prevent cheating and macroing. While I know the majority of users would never think to do something so unjust, we there are always a few rotten apples that spoil the barrel. Therefore the staff at iWin feels that the Opals cap is needed at this time.
Instead we have been working on creating other ways for people to earn Opals. We have our first new ways of earning Opals coming very soon, with more planned in the future! I can’t give too many details quit yet, but there will be quite a few different options! Some quick and fast, others with more of a creative approach. You’ll just have to wait and see!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Easter!

Here is what we have for you today:

Raised Flower Bed Hobby
Hyacinth Plant Hobby
Orchids Plant Hobby
Rosemary Plant Hobby
Roses Plant Hobby
Round Terra Cotta Pot Hobby
Hubby Kissing – Dark Pals
Hubby Kissing – Tan Pals
Hubby Kissing – Saffron Pals


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