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Everyone Loves a Sale!

Did you hear about the super sale? Well let me tell you! We have 5 different items on sale today! That’s right, five! Each from a different category to mix it up, that way there can be something for everyone! So let’s go shopping! Head on over to the dress shop and note that beautiful […]


Need a Break?

After a few long weeks of gardening, you’re tired, you need a break. You’re too tired to even change out of your new Gardener outfit. You drag your husband out to the little international café down the street. It’s kind of a hole in the wall place, with a couple World Maps pasted to the […]

What are iWin Opal Offers?

Do you find yourself window shopping cool items at iWin hotel and need that extra boost in Opals? Do you run out of time, trying to reach the Opals cap? Is your Hotel room not as lavish as you wish? Beyond gaming your way to Opals, there are now additional, easy means of acquiring that […]

Earth Day Special

It’s Earth Day, and I wanted to do something to celebrate other than renew my car registration, which I did…On the very last day it’s due. Honestly?  There’s never  a very high “yay” factor with any DMV related task. So instead we’re offering one of my very favorite games,  Garden Defense, for only 100 iCoins […]

Make it Green!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! I mentioned it last week, but we have a few more ‘green’ items for you today to help show support for the Earth! You know the Earth is truly a beautiful place, sometimes we have to get out in nature to remember just how magnificent it can be. How about a […]

Spring Fever!

Spring fever continues here at iWin! Just when you thought your garden was done, you can now add Aster Plants, White Dahlia Plants, and Basil Plants to the mix! We even have a larger pot selection as well! Would you like a nice White Plant Pot, or perhaps a Small Rectangular Pot for the kitchen […]

Hi Mom

When I was in elementary school, my Mom decided that there was such a thing as Watching Too Much Television.  It was true that I could easily gobble down several hours of TV after school.  Mostly, I watched CBS After School Specials, Krofft Superstars, and the kinds of programming that, as an adult, I can […]

Big Day!

Today is a big day at iWin! We have done a huge web site publish and have a lot of new and exciting things for you! When you enter your Hotel iWin room you’ll see a new tab at the top of the page that says “Go Places”. That ‘Go Places’ tab will lead you […]

Sale Reminder!

Happy Saturday everyone! Just a quick reminder that this is the last weekend of the big 50% off sale. Now through Tuesday, April 14th, enter coupon code BUNNY upon checkout to receive your cash purchase discount. As always, backup CDs, online party games and already discounted iCoins purchases aren’t included in this offer. You may […]

How does a flower ride a bike?

With its pedals! We have had a great response to the gardening items we’ve been putting out. And, since its spring, we have even more for you. I hope you have a green thumb! Get ready to build yourself a new garden, or maybe add on to the one you already have growing! We have […]

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