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New Surprises!

Well today is full of new things! A new room of the week, a special sneak peek of a new game, and new items for the Hotel! Our room of the week was suggested by lynny@ppal in last Tuesday’s blog! Check out this roadside casino, including a magical floating ATM machine! The thought of driving […]


The American Bachelor Collection!

The weekend is just around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it! Why you might ask? Well, because the weekend means I have lots of time to play new games! It’s almost daunting to see all these great games at work, and not be able to play them. It’s like dangling a bone in […]

Adventures on iWin

My first computer was a Frankenstein 486 that my friends Mike and Sean had cobbled together out of spare parts way back in 1995.  It was clunky and slow, and didn’t even have a sound card for the first two weeks, but I loved it will all my heart. The morning after they brought it […]

Games for Sale!

If you were having trouble buying games before, never fear, we have fixed the shopping cart issue! With our trusty QA team, and our wonderful programmers, we were able to stomp out the nasty bug that was causing a few of our customers trouble when trying to buy games. We published the fix last night, […]

Creativity Abound!

Here at iWin we love how creative people are getting with their Hotel rooms. That’s part of the fun of Hotel iWin. Getting a chance to be creative and using your decorative abilities! Well, we ran across a truly unique room over the weekend! When I first saw THIS room I was confused by what […]

First Week Friday!

Happy Friday! I had quite an exciting first week here at iWin! So many new faces to meet, and such great games to learn and play. Personally I’ve been playing a lot of Jewel Quest II and I was also was drawn to Fairy Island. I love fairies, so the title jumped out at me […]

Did You Know?

You probably know that iWin has great discounted games and tons of free games, right?  But did you know that we add new games to both of those categories every week?  In some cases several times per week? It’s true! We’re constantly adding great games that you can play without shelling out a lot of […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I hope everyone is wearing green; you never know who might come by and pinch you! So check out your friends and see if they are protected by green items or leave a pinch on their wall if not! Well I’m a new face around here, so let me introduce myself. My name is Anne […]

How to Earn Opals for Hotel iWin

This is the number one question we have been getting from the Hotel guests and I wanted to spend a few minutes covering it. The easiest way to earn Opals is by playing iWin games. You earn one Opal per one minute of play. Two Opals per minute if you own the game. There are […]

I Have a Confession to Make…

Andrew – Quality Assurance Guru at I’m a terrible solitaire player It’s true. I really am horrible at solitaire. It should be one of the easier games to play, considering you do it by yourself. Since we just released Jewel Quest Solitaire 3, I thought I’d make this confession and ask for penance. Or […]

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