March 2009

Well today is full of new things! A new room of the week, a special sneak peek of a new game, and new items for the Hotel!

Our room of the week was suggested by lynny@ppal in last Tuesday’s blog! Check out this roadside casino, including a magical floating ATM machine! The thought of driving by this made me smile. Where else but in Vegas? See it here!
We are always looking for new creativity! Please feel free to post your rooms in the comment section of the blog. You could be featured next week!

The game company Sloof Lirpa based out of Iceland, wanted us at iWin to be the very first ones to have an early preview their new and exciting game. Everyone else won’t get the chance to see this game until tomorrow. It’s got top of the line graphics and it’s multiplayer! It’s extremely unique, and we are all thrilled to get the chance to be the first ones to preview it here!

Silliness aside, we do really have some great new items for Hotel iWin. Though a lot of people are scared of rats, there’s nothing to be scared of with this Rat Pet! His only love is for strawberries, how cute is that? Well feel free to take your Rat Pet on an adventure down to the Big Blue Mailbox. He’ll sit calmly with his strawberry in the Wheelbarrow while you wheel him down to drop off the mail. He peeks up every once in a while to check what’s going on around him. All the people you pass on the street smile at the cute Rat Pet you have. One little child is so happy to see the Rat Pet he even gives him a sticker. The little child is all smiles, and so is the Smiley Face Sticker he gave you!

Here is what else we have for you today:

Smiley Face Sticker Stickers
Rat Pet Pets
Blue Chair Chairs
Blue Chair (back) Chairs
Big Blue Mailbox Décor
Wheelbarrow Hobby


The weekend is just around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it! Why you might ask? Well, because the weekend means I have lots of time to play new games! It’s almost daunting to see all these great games at work, and not be able to play them. It’s like dangling a bone in front of a dog, but only letting them sniff it! Haha

So this weekend I’ll have a chance to knock a few out games! iWin has such a huge selection of games, and I still have so many new ones to try! I know the first one I will be trying is actually today’s ‘Game of the Day’ Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle! Be sure to check out, and let me know what games you think I should try next! What are some of your favorites? I’d love to have some suggestions!

Well, we have the makings of a bachelor’s dream home today for you on Hotel iWin! Perhaps for that son that just moved out of the house, or the long standing bachelor. Why have just a sofa, when you can have a Sofa Bed? The two-in-one aspect lets you sleep or lounge with just a few flips and pulls. You can wake up at noon from the Sofa Bed and walk through the Beaded Love Curtains, stroll past your Giant Pet Snake to the Air Hockey Table. After you’re done playing a few rounds of Air Hockey, you can flop into your Blue Folding Chair and prop your feet up on the Sideboard table. The Sideboard table is another one of those great two-in-one pieces. You can use the top as a normal table, while storing whatever you like inside. Perhaps your socks, a bag of chips, some old DVDs, or even your Giant Pet Snake’s food. While this casual life style may not be limited to the American bachelor, if you happen to be from the good old USA, pin up an American Flag Sticker to show your patriotism! However don’t worry; this set up is great for any bachelor no matter where you’re from!

Here is what we have for you today:

Blue Folding Chair Chairs
Air Hockey Table Hobby
Giant Pet Snake Pets
American Flag Sticker Stickers
Beaded Love Curtain Wall Objects
Sideboard Other Furniture
Sofa Bed Beds

My first computer was a Frankenstein 486 that my friends Mike and Sean had cobbled together out of spare parts way back in 1995.  It was clunky and slow, and didn’t even have a sound card for the first two weeks, but I loved it will all my heart.

The morning after they brought it over, I got up early just so I could play a little Doom (which they had thoughtfully pre-installed) before work!  And I’m not someone who gets up early unless I have to.  Seriously.

I enjoy a 1st person shooter every once in awhile, but I soon needed something different.  I’d heard people talk about this game Myst.  My guy friends dismissed it as one of those “point and click games”, but I was intrigued by the pretty pictures on the box, so I shelled out a whopping $70 of my bookstore clerk salary to buy it.

I was hooked from the moment it started, and so began my love of adventure games.

There is this tree elevator puzzle right at the beginning that I couldn’t figure out.  I’d get in, go up, up, up, look around, then go down, down, down and get out.  I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do, and stayed up way too late trying to figure it out.  Finally, I had to go to bed, I had to work the next day.

Right as I was falling asleep, it hit me; if you don’t get out at the ground level, it may continue to go down.  I got out of bed, fired the computer back up and yep, that was exactly what I needed to do.  Of course I had to explore the new area I discovered.  Work kinda sucked the next day…

So when iWin got it’s first big adventure game, Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, no one was happier than I was!

Since then we’ve gotten a bunch of other great Nancy Drew games, and we’ve started to get a good collection of games that were previously only available on CD.

A few of my favorites are both Syberia and Syberia II, both of which I had previously bought the CD versions for a lot more than what they’re selling for on iWin!

A couple other great games are Journey to the Center of the Earth, loosely based on the story by Jules Verne, and Return to Mysterious Island.

What I love about these big adventure games is that they’re as much about the story as they are about the puzzles.  It’s almost as much a movie as it is a game, and you’re right in the middle of it.

My favorites, like those I mentioned, tend to be the ones that take you to fantastical other worlds filled with fabulous creatures and steampunk technology.  I’m always excited to see what the next scene will be!

I also totally want to live in one of those funky houses with tons of rounded edges.

One thing to keep in mind is that these adventure games are big, so if you don’t have a broadband connection, your best bet is probably to download them overnight or while you’re at work or school.

Also, most of the games that were originally released as PC games – like the Syberias and Journey to the Center of the Earth – came out before Vista.  They will most likely run just fine on your Vista system, but be sure to take advantage of the free trial before you buy.

There’s an exciting new trend that I’ve seen starting in the casual game space of combining smaller scale adventure games with hidden object.  Check out Emerald City Confidential and Annabel as great examples of this cool new game style, and we’ll talk more about it later!

So do you love adventure games?  what are your favorites?

If you were having trouble buying games before, never fear, we have fixed the shopping cart issue! With our trusty QA team, and our wonderful programmers, we were able to stomp out the nasty bug that was causing a few of our customers trouble when trying to buy games. We published the fix last night, so all games should now be easily bought!

If you happen to still have items in your shopping cart, please be sure remove them. Once you clear out your shopping cart you can then go back and start buying games normally!

We want to thank everyone for their patience on this issue. Our team is still diligently working on solving a few other issues that are not related to the shopping cart for you. However, we are happy that people will now be able to buy and play any game they desire again!

If you do run into any further trouble purchasing a game, please go to our support page and submit a ticket. We will be more than happy to help you!

Here at iWin we love how creative people are getting with their Hotel rooms. That’s part of the fun of Hotel iWin. Getting a chance to be creative and using your decorative abilities! Well, we ran across a truly unique room over the weekend!

When I first saw THIS room I was confused by what was going on, but then I read the name of the room and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how great and funny it was. People are really getting a sense of humor when making their Hotel rooms! And I couldn’t help but think to myself, what other great rooms are out there that we haven’t seen yet? So if you have a unique or interesting room, post it in the comments section! We’d love to highlight it next week! Lets get that creativity flowing!!

It’s new item day once again!
Are your walls looking awfully bare? Why not put on some new Plaid or Denim Shorts, and head on over to the store. You can now buy a few new things to liven up those walls! Perhaps a Fancy Wall Clock or a Mounted Sailboat? Both very classic choices. Or if you’re feeling a bit exotic, a Tribal Mask for your walls might spice things up!

Here is what we have for you today:

Fall Plaid Shorts (Female) Clothing Bottoms
Jean Shorts (Female) Clothing Bottoms
Denim Shorts (Male) Clothing Bottoms
Plaid Shorts (Male) Clothing Bottoms
Fancy Wall Clock Wall Objects
Tribal Mask Wall Objects
Mounted Sailboat Wall Objects


Happy Friday!
I had quite an exciting first week here at iWin! So many new faces to meet, and such great games to learn and play. Personally I’ve been playing a lot of Jewel Quest II and I was also was drawn to Fairy Island. I love fairies, so the title jumped out at me as one that I had to try.

Taking the train to work was a new experience for me. It is far more relaxing than driving to work everyday. Not having to deal with traffic is a welcome change! Also Nathan has been great, I’m so thrilled to be working with him. I’ve been learning lots, though I feel bad since I’ve been constantly barraging him with questions. Questions mainly from you, the players!

I have to say that, not only the people I work with, but also the community of players at iWin is such a friendly group! I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of working with a nicer or more caring community before. Cheers to you for being so supportive of each other!

Well, we have quite a variety of new items for you today! The weekend’s just a few hours away, so why not celebrate the new spring weather with a nice day outside. Throw on your Camo Shorts, and grab a Tiki Mug from the Stainless Steel Refrigerator before heading outside to mow the newly growing grass with your Push Mower.

Here is what we have for you today:

Camo Shorts (Female) Clothing Bottoms
Camouflage Shorts (Male) Clothing Bottoms
Peace Symbol Sticker Stickers
Tiki Mug Hobby
Push Mower Hobby
Dress Making Dummy Hobby
Stainless Steel Refrigerator Appliances


You probably know that iWin has great discounted games and tons of free games, right?  But did you know that we add new games to both of those categories every week?  In some cases several times per week?

It’s true!

We’re constantly adding great games that you can play without shelling out a lot of dough, and now, because I like you guys so much, I’m going to let you in on our uber secret cheap and free games release schedule!

Free Games

We add two new Free Games every Thursday.  They’re new to the category, so on the first day, they’ll be down at the bottom.

For now, if you click on Rank, it will resort so the bottom of the list shows at the top, and you can easily find the new games on the first day.  Of course iWin is always looking to make things easier on our users, so we’re working on improving that.

Steals & Deals

We add new sale games three times a week.

500 iCoin / $9.99 Games – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we put up a new game that’s been reduced to 500 iCoins  if you belong to the iCoins program (that works out to be $5.00!), or $9.99 if you’re paying with regular old money.

The sale price for 500 iCoin / $9.99 games is  good for 1 month, and the date the promotion ends is listed on the game page.

250 iCoin / $4.99 Games – Every Monday we put up a new game that’s been reduced to 250 iCoins (That’s only $2.50!), or $4.99 cash price.

The sale price for 250 iCoin / $4.99 games is  good for 2 months, and the date the promotion ends is listed on the game page.

0 iCoins Games – Once a month we offer a free game to our iCoins members.  You can find out what the free game is by going to your icoins account by clicking on iCoins next to your avatar in the iWin Game Manager.

And checking under the “iCoins Member Tab”

So now you know all my secrets.  Ok, just my iWin related…Free and sale game secrets… Yeah, I still have secrets.  Give me time though, I have kind of a big mouth.

I hope everyone is wearing green; you never know who might come by and pinch you! So check out your friends and see if they are protected by green items or leave a pinch on their wall if not!

Well I’m a new face around here, so let me introduce myself. My name is Anne and you’re going to be seeing a LOT more of me! It is my role as Community Producer to keep you updated and listen to your feedback. You can think of me as your eyes and ears for iWin! Feel free to check out my bio to learn a bit more about me here!

I am proud to take the reins of the blog from Nathan who has been doing a great job keeping all of the Hotel guests updated.  He is moving back to his duties making cool new features for the Hotel (and playing lots of Jewel Quest Solitaire III).

We have some great new items for you this week, including a new super cute pet! The Jack Russell Terrier can now be yours along with some other new great decorations.  

Here is what we have for you today: 

Balcony Wall Objects
Dartboard Hobby
Red Dart Hobby
Black Dart Hobby
Small Speaker Appliances
Small Speaker (back) Appliances
Jack Russell Terrier Pets

Balcony Dartboard Red Dart Black Dart Small Speaker Small Speaker Back Jack Russell Terrier

This is the number one question we have been getting from the Hotel guests and I wanted to spend a few minutes covering it.

The easiest way to earn Opals is by playing iWin games. You earn one Opal per one minute of play. Two Opals per minute if you own the game. There are a few restrictions we put on earning that you should be aware of.

– You can only earn Opals for 12 hours of game play per day.
– Long game sessions stop counting Opals after 4 hours (i.e. you would have to exit your game and restart it to earn Opals beyond four hours).

If you are not earning Opals you should uninstall and reinstall the game and the iWin Game Manager. If that fails to work, please submit a ticket to http://hotelsupport.iwin.com.

There are other ways to earn Opals including:

– Leaving someone a message wall post (5 Opals up to 5 times per day)
– Adding someone as a Friend (5 Opals up to 5 Friends per day)
– Joining iCoins – 1,000 Opals – https://www.iwin.com/icoins
– Signing up for the iWin newsletter – 500 Opals – Click on “My Information” in the drop down menu next to your avatar head in the iWin Game Manager. In the Account Info tab click on the “Stay up to date on new games” button in the Email Notification Preference area.


Senior Producer

Andrew – Quality Assurance Guru at iWin.com

I’m a terrible solitaire player

It’s true. I really am horrible at solitaire. It should be one of the easier games to play, considering you do it by yourself.

Since we just released Jewel Quest Solitaire 3, I thought I’d make this confession and ask for penance. Or at least, some tips on how to be a better Solitaire player. I think Jacob, the producer for Jewel Quest Solitaire III, probably thought my play looked kind of spastic. Really, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Considering in JQS3, there are wild cards and power-ups that can help you make it easier.

Of course, when you play just cards, that’s when I start scratching my head.

So can you help me?  Do you have any tips that will help me be a better solitaire player? Should I just cover my head in shame now?

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