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Rejoice! New Hotel iWin Items for the Weekend

We have had many requests for a flat screen tv for your rooms and this weekend we deliver! Also included in this update are other house hold fineries like a Wood Dining Table, lamps, and more. If you have the winter blues and your avatar is looking a little pale, we have included a Tanning […]


Weekend Discount!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m in a pretty good mood – The weekend is almost here, we’ve got a sunny day before the rain is supposed to start again…it’s all good and I’d like to share with my blog buddies. So just for you guys, just for the weekend, I’m putting up a 25% off coupon! […]

Do You Tweet?

Have you joined the Twitter Revolution? iWin has!  Now you can keep in touch with both and Hotel iWin right there on your Twitter! We’ll give you a tweet out whenever we’ve got a new game out, a great sale , if we’ve added new items to the hotel, or just if we have […]

Want an Early Look at Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood?

Hey there blog fans!  I thought you guys might like to have a look at Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood, and what the heck, you can see it a day before it gets released on iWin.     Aren’t you glad you checked the blog today?                         

New Hotel Items for 2/24!

Nathan here again to announce our first injection of new items for the Hotel iWin shops.  We have some cool stuff that you can grab NOW in the shops. We plan on launching new items every week so check the Hotel shops often to ensure you don’t miss an item. Do you want a particular […]

Earning Opals and Your Hotel iWin Avatar

Hi, my name is Nathan Fahrenthold and I am the Senior Producer for Hotel iWin.  Our launch has been a huge success and it is very exciting to see the thousands of new rooms and avatars being created every day. I have been checking in with our crack team in Customer Support (you know, the […]

Hotel iWin Grand Opening!

Hotel iWin is pleased to announce its grand opening! Imagine a tropical, luxurious, and slightly wacky place you can escape to anytime you feel like geting away. Imagine over a thousand outfits, furniture pieces, room decorations, pets, and pals that you can buy, arrange, and decorate to your heart’s desire. Now imagine that this is all free, […]

So Many Games, So Little Time.

A lot of the high quality games we release here on iWin come with an embargo date.  In other words, the developer of the game has set a certain date that we can release their game on or after, but never before. A lot of times, these dates all hit at once, and we will have […]

iWin says “Hail to the Chief, Baby!”

Lincoln Lincoln, I been thinkin’, what the heck have you been drinkin’? We here at iWin still can’t address the age old “What’s Lincoln been drinkin’” question, but to honor his 200th birthday, what we can do is give you 50 % off all games* Now through Wednesday, February 18th enter coupon code CHIEF to […]

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

There’s a word that’s been bandied about a lot over the last few months, and it’s a word I don’t care for very much.  The word is “staycation”.  In a nutshell, it means taking your vacation at home rather than traveling.  Unfortunately, even with gas prices back down to a reasonable range, the uncertain economy […]

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