January 2009

Hi there. 

 I thought my awesome blog readers might want to take a look at the new P.J. Pride game a day BEFORE it goes live on iWin!

Aren’t you glad you checked out the blog today?

And don’t forget you can still get your P.J. Pride February Calendar! 

Hang it at work or school, and not only will you gain the respect and envy of all who behold it, you’ll never miss an appointment.  Until March anyway…



Later this week we will be releasing P.J. Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe, the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s hit hidden object game, P.J. Pride Pet Detective!

It’s only a couple more days, but if you just can’t wait to get you some P.J., we’re giving away an exclusive P.J. Pride February calendar! 

You can read all about P.J.’s new adventure HERE, and be sure to check back later this week!


Hey iWin players!

My name is Shadow and me and my team of technical monkeys help keep all the server’s up, running, and happy and most importantly SECURE! In fact, security is why I decided to write to you today.

You may have noticed our stylish new ‘Green Bar’ when you go to buy games.  The bar represents VeriSign’s  “Extended Validation Certificate”, you may have seen it at places like your bank’s website. This is VeriSign’s super tip top certificate so you always know your data and transactions are safe when you are spending time with us here at iWin!

The Verisign Green Bar

The Verisign Green Bar

You keep playing games, and me and my monkeys will keep the servers up and safe and secure so you can play with peace of mind!

Until next time….

Your friends at iWin Technical Operations

Hey everybody, just a quick reminder that if you’re experiencing a technical issue with either a game or the iWin site, please check the Knowledge Base  on the iWin support site, rather than leave a comment here on the blog. 

The blog is for blogging, and the support site is for supporting.  You wouldn’t go to Macy’s and ask for a sandwich, right?  Well, you might if you were really, really hungry, but while they’d be happy to direct you to a place where you could get a tasty sandwich, they probably wouldn’t give you one.

I’ve added a Get iWin Help link under Quick Access on the right side of this page, or you can click on the Support link at the top of the iWin homepage.

Both of these will take you the the ever-helpful iWin Knowledge Base.


Andrew – Quality Assurance Guru at iWin.com

OK, it’s my turn to post. When I first came to iWin, I don’t think I had ever heard the term “casual game,” and if I had, it probably went in one ear and out the other. Now, four years later casual games have exploded into prominence among the different game genres. And what can you say about the players themselves? They’re a hardcore bunch, where sometimes the word casual doesn’t seem to fit. If you read any game reviews, you’ll know that they take these games just as seriously as any “mainstream” hardcore gamer.

Take iWin’s Jewel Quest III, the latest in the megahit match-3 series. Jewel Quest III takes users across the globe to solve puzzles and find precious jewels,. There are series of quests that the user must complete. These quests have turned out to be quite a challenge, and have rustrated quite a few gamers, but the reward is the challenge, which makes completing them all the more worthwhile. For me, I’ve had the  The determined player will definitely make it their goal. As for me, I’m waiting for Jojo’s Fashion Show: Extreme 1st person shooter. Anyway, I would love to hear what games folks find the most challenging. Talk to you soon.

If you were born in the ’70s or ’80s, there’s a pretty good chance that at some point in your during your formative years, you had Sea Monkeys.

And if you’re anything like me, they were one of, if not the biggest disappointment of your childhood.

I remember tearing into that package, lifting out the plastic tank and mysterious little envelopes, expecting that soon all my mad scientist dreams would come true.  I was about to have an aquarium filled with tiny people!  Tiny people!

While waiting for my wee little people to grow, I read the catalog that came in the package and grew even more excited; I could order itty bitty little basketball courts and motocross tracks for my Sea Monkeys to play on!  This was going to be the best thing EVER!

My anticipation mounted as the little dots in the tank grew bigger, started to move, grew even bigger and started to wiggle!  Then they continued to wiggle, but they stopped getting bigger.  And they didn’t sprout little arms or legs or cute little faces.

<—-What I expected was this

What I got was this—->


Oh, I’m sure it was an excellent lesson in how things aren’t always what they seem, or limiting expectations or blah blah blah… I wanted tiny people!!!

I think that’s why I like My Tribe so much.  It advertises tiny people, and it delivers tiny people!  Sure, they’re in your computer rather than in an aquarium, you can’t actually hold them in your hand and they’ll never exact terrible revenge upon your enemies…

What they DO do is build huts and fish and farm, gather resources, have children…basically live the kind of lives that I expected my Sea Monkeys to live.  They even keep growing and doing stuff when your computer isn’t on!

So if you’ve ever experienced the crushing disappointment of Sea Monkeys, or even if you’ve never heard of them, I recommend you give My Tribe a go.  They still don’t play basketball, but it’s hours of entertainment none the less.

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