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A Quick Word From David…

  Your Friendly Customer Care Guy!   We encourage our iWin community members to use our support portal to find answers to common questions about accounts, games or technical challenges. If an issue requires personal attention you can select the Contact Us button on the main page of the support portal and complete a brief […]



Hey, you there!  Through Christmas, all games at iWin are 50% off! Ok, it’s not actually all games – if you’re already getting your 50% off with iCoins, you can’t get another 50% off, that would be madness!  And backup CDs and online party game subscriptions aren’t 50% off, but everything else is!  That’s about […]

But you can call me…

Call me David. I’m one of the founders of iWin. I started off as a programmer and game designer, working with a few other dedicated game-lovers to hack together online games of skill, game servers, lobbies, and a web site to hold it all together. For many years, I worked out of my Brooklyn apartment, […]

All Holiday Games 50% off!

If you have managed to get to lately, you may have noticed that we have a pretty cool promotion live right now… HP is sponsoring a 50% off promotion on over 10 holiday games.  I don’t know about you guys but right now, I am immersing myself in anything that is holiday related.  So it […]

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