As a lifelong gamer, I’ve always found some of the “woman-friendly” themes in casual games mildly amusing.  Guys get to live out their gaming fantasies as raging orcs, mercenary soldiers, bloodthirsty vampires and genetically engineered uber-warriors, while we women are resigned to being hurried waitresses, busy bakers and perky fashionistas (although admittedly, I do love me some Jojo’s Fashion Show from time to time). Doesn’t seem quite fair does it?  Thankfully, there are also some great games that offer alternatives to babies, food and weddings.  Here are a couple of my current favorites:


You play the fiancée of a brilliant scientist who has to chase her vanished scientist boyfriend through time (points off for not actually letting you be a scientist and relegating you to the girlfriend role).  Despite that, this game rocks it.  There’s time travel, cemetery robots from the future, and freaking dinosaurs.  The dialog is hilarious and the gameplay is clever.  The clutter in most Hidden Object games makes my OCD go into overdrive and I usually end up desperate for a power-up that would automagically organize everything onto neat little shelves for me.  This isn’t the case with Mushroom Age, where the clutter actually makes sense and you don’t get the feeling that random objects were just lazily pasted onto a scene.  There are also various uses for the objects you find, so it has a little bit of a puzzle aspect to it.


This game is triply awesome and let’s you play as three different women who don’t sell ice cream, bake cakes or babysit for a living.  Instead, you get three different perspectives of a murder investigation, as a homicide detective, a forensics analyst and a crime reporter.  The best part:  corpses!  As part of your investigation, you uncover bodies of the murder victims and get to examine their grisly remains close-up.  The overall tone is pretty eerie and the artwork is beautiful (the corpses are especially pretty).  I haven’t finished this game yet, but I’m hoping when I do, it will also solve the bafflingly mystery of how James Patterson has become America’s No. 1 best-selling author. 
Anyway, that’s what I’m digging at the moment.  How about you?  Do you like any games that are a little different from the norm?