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Who Are Your Favorite Game Characters?

Hi everyone! I’m Alexander from Russia and I work for iWin. As many other iWin employees I like my job. I like casual games and I “infected” my girlfriend, my mom and some of my friends with a love of these great games. It wasn’t hard, they just saw how I play hidden object games! […]


I’m a Nancy Girl

I was all set to write about Lavender’s Botanicals today.  It’s an awesome new tycoon game much in the style of Chocolatier and Chocolatier 2.  Instead of traveling the world in search of exotic ingredients to make fancy chocolates, you’re traveling the world in seach of exotic ingredients to make fancy beauty products.  Aside from […]

Psst… Thanksgiving sale is underway! 50% off all games!

Have you checked out iWin Games today? Well if not, you should! We are running a 50% off sale on ALL GAMES through Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t know about you, but even in the season of sales, I don’t see very many 50% off sales! They are always 25% off or something. But 50%? No […]

My life is a game…

So my husband and I recently bought a home… our first home! It was very emotional and exciting… and a little nerve-wracking! Not only do we now have a mortgage that get to worry about, we also actually have to fix everything that is wrong, instead of just calling up our not-so-friendly ex-landlord. But I […]

I May Need an Intervention

Today we released Alice Greenfingers 2 on iWin.  I’ve been playing it a lot.  No wait, more like A LOT.  I’m starting to feel a little guilty.  Sure, playing games is part of my job, but probably not this much. The objective is pretty simple.  You dig up a little land, plant some seeds, harvest […]

iWin Salutes our Veterans

As a small token of our appreciation for the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Services, and their families, iWin is offering 50% off all games through Thursday, November 13th.   Enter coupon code USPRIDE at checkout to receive 50% off your order. We thank you, and wish you well.  

Girl Games Shmirl Games

As a lifelong gamer, I’ve always found some of the “woman-friendly” themes in casual games mildly amusing.  Guys get to live out their gaming fantasies as raging orcs, mercenary soldiers, bloodthirsty vampires and genetically engineered uber-warriors, while we women are resigned to being hurried waitresses, busy bakers and perky fashionistas (although admittedly, I do love […]

Happy Friday!

Hi everybody, and Happy Friday! It’s been a good week, and now it’s Friday and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy because all you nice people are checking out the iWin blog! That makes me feel…generous!  So I made a special 25% off coupon code just for you guys! Simply add the game (or games!) you […]

And the results are…

Everywhere you go this morning, people are buzzing over the results from last night’s election results. From the second I woke up, I knew it… without even speaking with anyone else. I took my dogs on a walk and passed all of the morning papers, shouting out their proclamations. Then, on the train to work, […]


I know you guys are probably hearing it from everyone, everywhere you go… and therefore hopefully, you already know that today is Election Day! So please go out and vote… make your voice heard… your candidate or your proposition may not win (but maybe it will!) but it is important that you have a hand […]

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