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There’s Something Going On Today…

I can’t remember what, but I think it was important.   Let’s see, yesterday, October 30th was National Candy Corn Day.  I actually love candy corn, so I had my own elaborate celebration with that new caramel apple flavored stuff…Ok, I just ate some candy corn while watching TV, but it was very tasty! The […]


A Tale of Kwazi

Hi, I’m Joe Cassavaugh and I’ve been the lead designer on all three Mah Jong Quest games here at iWin. I thought I would spend my first blog explaining a little bit about Kwazi’s origins. Since Kwazi first showed up in Mah Jong Quest, people have asked “Is Kwazi a boy or a girl?” Although […]


Hey, iWin is having a big 50% off Halloween sale. Just add as many games as you like to your cart, and when you’re ready to check out, enter coupon code SPOOKY to get 50% off all download games.  (doesn’t apply to backup CDs or already discounted stuff such as iCoins purchases)     It’s suuuper […]

House of Wonders: Babies Come Home

You all know that iWin is a game site that sells download games. What you may not know is that iWin also has a game studio that makes a lot of these games. Ever hear of Jewel Quest? Jewel Quest Mysteries? Jojo’s Fashion Show? Yep, those are ours. Today we have a great new hidden […]

Where to Get iWin Help

A few people have left requests for technical assistance in the comments. If you’re having technical trouble with a game or any part of iWin, we have an extensive Knowledge Base that will most likely have the answer you seek.  If you don’t find a solution in the Knowledge Base, you can send a message […]

Introducing Lulu the Marketing Guru

Hello! Welcome to the iWin blog! It has been a long time in coming and man, do we have a lot to say! Hopefully, you guys will chime in whenever you have the hankering and we can get some good discussions going here. Basically, when we were debating whether or not to launch this blog, […]

Tell Us Who You Are!

Today is Get to Know Your Customers Day, how perfect for the day after we launched our iWin Blog! Yesterday I told you who I was, now it’s your turn.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell us something about you. What’s your favorite game?  What did you have for breakfast?  How’s your day […]

Welcome to the iWin Blog!

Hi there!  You may have noticed there’s a section on the iWin homepage called “Terrie’s Picks”.  You also may have wondered who the heck Terrie is, and why should you listen when she suggests what games you should play?  Who is this Terrie?  She seems kinda bossy… I am Terrie!  If you’ve seen any game reviews around […]

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