Sneak Peek: New York Mysteries – Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition

The year is 1955, the place, New York City. Living in the city has become an increasingly perilous proposition. Not only is petty crime on the rise, but now organized crime is tightening its sinister grip. The Mafia is at the height of their power when completely without warning or provocation, the boss of each of the Five Families disappears. Found at the scene of each disappearance; a strange liquid and a butterfly. Making matters worse,  the city’s children begin to go missing a week after each child in the city had drawn butterflies exactly like those found at the crime scenes.

Investigate these highly mysterious goings on in the thrilling, soon-to-be released hidden object adventure, New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition. Get an early look at some screenshots and game art from this exciting new game before it’s released after the cut!

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Happy National Video Game Day!

It’s National Video Game Day and we’re celebrating by sharing some fun and interesting facts about video gaming and its history!

-Thought to be the first true video game (although there is some debate over this)  Space War, was created by three men at MIT in 1962. In this simple game a player takes control of one of two space ships, one called “the needle” and the other called “the wedge” and attempts to destroy the opposing player’s ship.

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Sneak Peek & Trailer: Family Vacation 2 – Road Trip

Family Vacation 2 – Road Trip, is the fun, yet challenging upcoming follow up to the hit hidden object adventure, Family Vacation – California. Once again, you will marvel at the exploits of the Simmons family as they embark on an epic cross country journey with their Airstream camper in tow. Check out the trailer below as well as some exclusive art from this highly anticipated sequel that, like the first entry in the series, truly is fun for the entire family!

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Game Trailer: The Cursed Island – Mask of Baragus Collector’s Edition

In today’s EXCLUSIVE new release, The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus Collector’s Edition you must investigate the disappearance of your father on an island filled with secrets and mysteries. Watch the trailer below and then click on over to iWin to try The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus Collector’s Edition for yourself!

Jewel Quest and S’more Words Online Now With Improved Chat and Leaderboards!

Have you played the online versions orJewel Quest or S’more Words lately? If not, you should head over to our online games and try them out. Both games now feature improved chat and leaderboards! Check them out now and see how you stack up against other players! Remember, our online games are free and can be played on almost any device; smartphone, tablet or in your web browser! No download required!

Game Trailer: Evil Pumpkin – The Lost Halloween Collector’s Edition

In Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween Collector’s Edition, a wacky, exciting new hidden object adventure, you must discover the reason the city of Dern has been ostracized from any Halloween celebrations. Being that you’re just a little boy and there’s candy involved, naturally your interest is piqued, but no one is answering any of your questions. No one, that is, but Lemuel Barnabas, who’s a little off-kilter, a bit of an oddball and definitely slightly mad…

Watch the trailer below and then try Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween Collector’s Edition for yourself!

TGIF! Celebrate The Weekend With Some Awesome Online Games!

Hey folks, looking for some exciting, fun games to play over the weekend? Have you taken a look at all the awesome and totally free online games we have to offer? If you haven’t, you absolutely should! In addition to the match-3 classic Jewel Quest there are many, many other games that you can play in your web browser, or on your tablet or smartphone!

Looking for another exciting match-3 game? Why not try Treasures of Montezuma 3 or Magic Stones?

Maybe you’re in the mood for some challenging word puzzles? We highly recommend you check out S’more Words or Word Nerd!

Want some card game action? There’s tons to choose from! From Klondike Solitaire to Blackjack! There’s also an abundance of casino games to play! There’s Pirate Slots, Roulette, Video Poker and many more!

Even if you’re just looking for some fun casual games to pass the time, look no further than Back To Candyland Episode 1 or Episode 2! Or perhaps you might want to give Color Blast a shot!

Whatever kind of game you’re in the mood for, chances are we have it! You may even find some new favorites! And the best part? All of our online games are free and can be played on almost any device; smartphone, tablet or web browser! No download required! Be sure to check out all of our fantastic online games today!

Check Out This Exciting Trailer For Chronicle Keepers – The Dreaming Garden

In today’s thrilling new release, Chronicle Keepers – The Dreaming Garden, you must assume your family’s responsibility to maintain the connection between this world and an eerie parallel dimension after your mother is attacked by a mysterious, evil force.

Get a closer look at this brand new hidden object adventure in its exciting trailer, then head over to and try Chronicle Keepers – The Dreaming Garden out for yourself!

Sneak Peek: Runaway Geisha Gold Edition (With Trailer!)

In the upcoming EXCLUSIVE release, Runaway Geisha Gold Edition, you will find yourself whisked away to 1920s Japan during the time of Geishas. You will play as an apprentice Geisha navigating her way between the love of two vastly different men when tragedy suddenly strikes. Now you must make a heart-rending choice and possibly devastate a man you love.

Check out the trailer for this exclusive release and then get a sneak peek at the game’s art after the cut!

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It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Did you know it was Cow Appreciation Day? Because it totally is! I don’t know about you, but I think cows are super cute. So in honor of Cow Appreciation Day, and apropos of pretty much nothing, here are some pictures of some especially adorable bovines! Don’t think cows are cute? Allow us to try and change your mind!

I mean, come on, look at that face!

Or how about these lovers?

Then there’s this shaggy guy -

Or this loving mother and her calf -

Of course there’s this cutie -

And finally here’s a cow called Wanda. Because why not?

Be sure to check out one of iWin’s many games featuring cows to keep the Cow Appreciation Day festivities going!

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